Pregnant Audrey Roloff Talks Baby #4 Gender & Name: Photos

It was about three weeks ago that Little People, Big World alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff confirmed they were pregnant with baby #4. Fans both were and weren’t surprised by this information. On one hand, fans questioned the sanity of bringing another child into the world while everything is so expensive. Furthermore, fans worry Audrey and Jeremy are spreading themselves too thin by continuing to have children.

LPBW fans, however, were also not surprised by this news because there have been rumors of Audrey being pregnant again all year. Likewise, Audrey and Jeremy have made it crystal clear they want a large family with a lot of children.

To date, however, fans don’t know much about the baby. For starters, have Audrey and Jeremy Roloff revealed the gender? Likewise, have they talked about baby names? Fortunately, Audrey touched on these two topics during a recent Q&A session on Instagram.

LPBW star Audrey Roloff Instagram
LPBW star Audrey Roloff’s Instagram

One fan asked if Audrey Roloff planned on finding out the gender of baby #4 before birth. As fans know, Audrey and Jeremy did find out the gender of babies #1 and #2. They, however, opted to be surprised with baby #3. Audrey tells her followers that she is leaning toward knowing the gender of baby #4 now.

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Audrey explained that learning Radley’s gender at the time of his birth was not the magical experience she thought it would be. Furthermore, she felt as though she struggled to connect to Radley during her pregnancy because she couldn’t name him or know his gender. Audrey Roloff explains that giving birth is such a magical experience in itself that the gender being a surprise didn’t make it more magical for her.


Audrey Roloff - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff – [Source: Instagram Stories]


Audrey and Jeremy Roloff - Instagram
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff – Instagram

What About Names?

Audrey Roloff admits they will have a much easier time naming baby #4 if it ends up being a girl. Jeremy and Audrey already have a couple of girl names they like. They, however, are having a pretty difficult time settling on any boy names. While Audrey has not said this outright, many fans take this to mean Jeremy and Audrey are hoping to have another girl to add to their family.


Audrey Roloff - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff – [Source: Instagram Stories]

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