Robyn always begged him to make it up to the other women

‘Sister Wives’ fans are convinced that Robyn (44) played an important role in the failure of the other marriages of Kody Brown (54). Robyn has been accused of ‘stoking’ for years. Yet not everyone agrees with these allegations. Kendra Pollard, a good friend of Robyn, stands up for her in an interview and immediately makes a few spicy revelations.

“Robyn always begged him to make it up to the other women”

Kendra says she can no longer listen to the ‘false’ stories. “I would like to put something right,” she announces in The U.S. Sun. “Everyone is always convinced that Kody deliberately brought Robyn into his polygamous lifestyle to ruin his other marriages. That this was some kind of premeditated plan by Robyn and Kody. But that is 100 percent untrue.”

According to her, the fork is very different in the handle. “Meri introduced Robyn to the family. They had conversations together and eventually Meri decided to introduce her to Kody. So the whole idea came from Meri.” According to Kendra, Kody wasn’t interested in Robyn at the time because she was a divorcee with children, something he “disagrees with.”

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Yet eventually there was a spark and in 2010 Robyn and Kody tied the knot. “Only after they got engaged did he start seeing her one on one and there were often film crews there to record everything. So Robyn didn’t destroy anything and the marriage was not a preconceived plan.” In fact, according to Kendra it is the fault of the women themselves.

“Meri, Janelle and Christine always demanded a lot of Kody’s time. And when things didn’t go their way, he was punished for it. Meanwhile, Robyn is always portrayed as a selfish person who demands all of Kody’s time, but the truth is that Kody always had a very strict schedule that specified exactly how much time he could spend with each woman. He rarely deviated from that.”

Kendra also knows exactly where things went wrong. “The women were always so angry with him that he would get beat up as soon as he got home. Then it would be about Christine’s needs that he couldn’t fulfill and Meri’s anger and frustration. They made him feel terrible when he there was.” According to her, Kody and Robyn also have problems from that moment on. “That’s why Robyn always begged him to make it up to the other women.”

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