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Pedro Says He NEVER Cheated On Chantel! What If He’s Telling The Truth?

The Family Chantel star Chantel has accused Pedro of endless things. Her divorce has been a messy one, and they aren’t able to deal with it during the current season. Recently, the estranged couple decided to meet for one last time and discuss their dynamics.

Amid their conversation, Pedro didn’t accept any kind of cheating allegations. He claimed till the end that he never cheated on Chantel during their entire marriage. His confidence makes the viewers wonder if he is telling the truth. Is Pedro really innocent?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Says That He Never Cheated On Chantel! Is He Telling The Truth?

Chantel traveled all the way to the Dominican Republic just to meet Pedro and make things straight. She had a meeting with the latter, whom Lidia and Nicole further accompanied. The Family Chantel star decided to take her brother along with her for the confrontation.

However, Pedro and Chantel’s conversation wasn’t an easy one. They made several accusations against each other, and soon, things started to heat up. Pedro was quick to state that his estranged ex-wife could think whatever she wanted, but that’s not the truth at all.

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As per Pedro, Chantel could believe that he never loved her and used her during their marriage. The latter couldn’t control her and replied that her estranged ex-husband knew exactly what he did. She added, “You know what you did, Pedro. F—.”

Pedro asked Chantel to look at him and said that he “NEVER” cheated on her during their entire relationship. The latter burst into tears and stormed out while she was ranting her heart out. During an exclusive clip by People, she even asked the camera crew not to document her as she didn’t want to be filmed in such a devastating condition.

Hence, it was evident that Chantel was simply not convinced by Pedro’s claims. She still believed that there was infidelity in her marriage from the latter’s side.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Accuses Pedro Of Having S*x With Another Woman

Chantel was devasted after having a conversation with Pedro. The latter denied all the accusations that she put on him. But titular The Family Chantel star wasn’t ready to accept that her estranged husband didn’t cheat on her. Chantel broke down in tears as she sat on the street.

Chantel screamed, “You were having sex with another woman!” She explained in her confession that Pedro was cheating on her with the people around her. The celeb felt that it was really “disrespectful” for her. Chantel wondered what kind of a man Pedro was as he didn’t even apologize for his deeds even after all this.


On the other hand, Chantel’s brother asked Pedro about how he would feel if Nicole had been there in Chantel’s place. The Dominican Republic native didn’t have an answer. He replied, “Nothing to say.” However, the American natives couldn’t tolerate the chaos and decided to leave without even a proper goodbye!

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