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Pedro Moves Out and Chantel Steals $265,000! | The Family Chantel | TLC

On this episode of The Family Chantel, Pedro takes the first steps towards divorce and moves out. To protect herself, Chantel drains their joint bank account of $265,000! Tune in and catch all the drama on the season premiere of The Family Chantel: The Final Chapter, Nov 6! From Season 4, Episode 13: “Hot Pursuit” and Episode 14: “The End of Forever”

Pedro is straight up delusional. He is such a scumbag, horrible person. He used Chantel and her family for his own self-gain, and he abhors her for it. Where does this entitled, inflated sense of self come from? He’s a narcissist. I wish nothing but the best for Chantel. She is the real winner here!

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