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Paul Staehle’s Not Dead, Alive After Going Missing

Paul Staehle is not dead and has been found after going missing. Fans have been worried about the reality star after his ex Karine made it sound like he was dead in a post on Instagram. It was also reported that he was missing and in trouble, according to text messages he sent his mom. Paul told her that he needed a boat, but she is in the United States and didn’t know how to help him. The Embassy was even contacted to help find Paul.

Paul Staehle Found Alive

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates went to his Instagram story and shared the big news that Paul Staehle is still alive. He didn’t share any details just yet but revealed that Paul is fine. You can see his post below.

Paul alive


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This comes out after it was revealed that Paul’s Instagram has been active. Someone has been changing it from public to private and back and forth. They were also accepting follow requests on this account. Nobody knows if it was Paul or if Karine or someone has the password to his account and was doing it.


John Yates Live YouTube

John Yates went live on YouTube to explain what is going on. He said that when he woke up today, Paul’s mom contacted him. She said that she had heard from Paul. He allegedly is still in the same place with poor reception. His mom asked if he was okay and he replied that he was okay and was getting fed.

I Heard From Paul


When Paul’s mom talked to the Embassy, she explained that he wasn’t home yet and according to him, he is still where he needs help. Paul Staehle is alive, but he is making it sound like he could still be in danger. He at least isn’t back home again and is possibly still on the island he originally said he was on and needed help.

John also got voicemails from Paul. He called from a Brazilian number that went straight to voicemail because it was an unknown number. John hasn’t actually talked to him just received voicemails.

Are you shocked to hear that Paul Staehle has been found alive and well? Do you think this was all a hoax? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss 90 Day Fiance and all of the spin-offs on TLC and streaming on Max.

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