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Paul Staehle’s Instagram Active As He Is Still Reported Missing

Paul Staehle was reported missing and his ex Karine even made it sound like he was dead. The 90 Day Fiance star is in Brazil and nobody knows what is going on with him exactly. Now it turns out that his Instagram is active among reports that he is missing. What is going on?

Paul Staehle Reported Missing

So far, Paul Staehle is still missing. The 90 Day Fiance star hasn’t been heard from in days and the last thing he said was that he needed help and a boat. He is in Brazil and was messaging his mom that he was in trouble. His last known location before he went missing was on an island. You can see below where he was last known to be.


So far, Paul hasn’t been heard from and fans are worried about him. His mom has been worried and even got the Embassy involved in trying to find him. Fans are hopeful that Paul is okay, but the longer he is missing the more worried they become. John Yates has been very worried about him and posting constantly, talking to his mom, reaching out to cast members and barely sleeping trying to do all that he can to help.

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Paul’s Instagram Is Active

It turns out that Paul Staehle’s Instagram is active right now. Last night, John Yates was on Instagram Live and shared that people were actually having their requests to follow him accepted. It was also revealed that his Instagram has been going back and forth between private and public. Nobody knows who is doing this or if it is actually Paul himself.

Karine was on John Yates live watching it, but she refused to speak up when a lot of the comments were asking her what was going on. Karine watched the live but never said a word. Some fans think that she may have access to Paul’s Instagram and is the one doing things on it. Others think that Paul is actually not missing and just trying to get attention. For now, fans just have to wait and see if Paul is found and what he has to say.


Do you think that Paul Staehle is actually missing or is this a hoax for attention? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance and its spin-offs on TLC.

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