Mykelti Refused To Spend Holiday With Meri?

Did Mykelti Padron refuse to spend the Christmas holidays with Meri Brown?

That’s allegedly what happened behind the scenes on Sister Wives. Drama is no short supply this year, and more family members than just the parents are involved.

Mykelti and a few of her siblings opted to have a second Christmas at Robyn’s house. Many viewers noticed that Meri wasn’t around, though. So what exactly happened?

A house stands completely divided on Sister Wives

It’s clear that tensions are high between members of the Brown family. Sister Wives just covered Christmas of 2021 when the family members all had separate celebrations. A few of the children did go to Robyn’s house for a visit but under one condition. Mykelti Padron absolutely did not want Meri around.

Meri and Mykelti have a very strained history, but many viewers thought the situation was odd.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“Mykelti didn’t want Meri at Christmas,” one Redditor titled their post recently. “Mykelti revealed that she asked Robyn not to invite Meri for second Christmas because she does not get along with or like Meri. Thought that was an interesting tidbit.”

Onscreen, the Brown family acknowledged Mykelti was the peacemaker of the family. However, it doesn’t seem like that extends to every member of the family.

“Everybody in this family lives like they are at war with each other. It’s wild,” another Redditor agreed.

Tony Padron and Mykelti Padron from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“It’s this core believe [sic] that there is scarcity of love affection and attention they all have, except Kody, because they’ve been [emotionally] abused and neglected their entire lives,” another chimed in.

Others thought it was odd that Mykelti pushed so hard to keep the peace between her mother and Kody while simultaneously freezing Meri out.

Meri Brown stands up for herself

For several seasons of Sister Wives, many viewers expressed frustration with Meri. It’s immediately clear that Kody and Robyn treat Meri horribly, but she stays and hopes that they will eventually accept her. Now, it seems like Meri is standing up for herself and demanding the respect she deserves.

Over the next several episodes, it seems like viewers will get to see Meri prioritize her friendships and run her B&B in Utah. On her social media channels, fans have noticed that she seems much happier than she ever did while married to Kody.

It doesn’t seem that Mykelti and Meri intend to repair their strained relationship anytime soon. But both seem happy and content moving forward with their lives.

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