Mykelti Has A Beef With Meri? Refused Spending Holidays With Her!

Sister Wives star Mykelti has always been a neutral child. She never took sides with anyone and has a great relationship with both Christine and Kody. The celeb often visits her father’s house and shares a good bond with Robyn as well. But it seems that Mykelti still has some issues with Meri.

As per the looks, they haven’t been able to mend fences till now. Recently, viewers were in shock when they got to know that Mykelti actually refused to spend holidays with Meri! This made fans wonder if the two of them were still feuding and what was the reason behind this!

Sister Wives: Fans Think Mykelti Refused To Spend Holidays With Meri

Mykelti and Meri from the show Sister Wives have never been two peas in a pod. The former has been open about all the harsh experiences she has had with the latter. But Christine’s elder daughter claimed that now her bond with Meri was “cordial”.

She said that they had conversations regarding professional matters. But still, it seems that Mykelti has some issues with Meri. Recently, Season 18 covered the Christmas of 2021, where the entire Brown family was divided while they were celebrating the festival in groups this time.

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Yet, some of the star kids decided to show some courtesy and showed up at Kody’s house as well. But it seems that Mykelti came only on the condition that Meri wouldn’t be around her at all.

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Recently, a Reddit thread started and made some shocking revelations. The OP revealed that Mykelti asked Robyn not to invite Meri because she doesn’t get along with her and doesn’t like her as well.

Hence, when the star kid went to meet Kody and Robyn, the lone wolf wasn’t there for the second Christmas celebration with the children. This made it clear that Mykelti still perhaps has a lot of issues as she isn’t even able to tolerate Meri’s presence around her!

Sister Wives: What Happened Between Meri And Mykelti?

Sister Wives star Mykelti has talked about her sour relationship with Meri. She admitted that the latter was “emotionally and verbally abusive” to most of the kids in the family. The celeb also claimed that she was perhaps the person who received the “worst” of the lone wolf’s behavior.

Apparently, Paedon has also stated that Meri’s abrasiveness went past verbal at times. Even Gwen also confirmed the same. She confessed that things used to get really scary when Kody’s first wife used to get physical with Mykelti!

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Mykelti claimed that, as per the current scenario, she doesn’t remember any kind of physical abuse. However, it is evident that she doesn’t share a great bond with Meri. Recently, the celeb created controversy when she allegedly cropped out the latter from the family picture.

Almost the entire Brown clan came together for Gwen’s wedding, where they clicked a wholesome snap. In Mykelti’s version, Meri wasn’t present, which led to rumors that she photoshopped her out because of her personal issues!

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