Mykelti Brown Called ‘Brat’ As She Exposes Kody’s Expensive Lifestyle

Sister Wives fans know that out of all the kids, Mykleti Bown Padron professed to have a lot of time for Kody Brown and his wife, Robyn. However, she suddenly started dissing both of them. Did she just diss him for his art investment? You might have noticed pictures on the wall in their mansion. Seemingly, they are not props placed up by TLC.

The Daughter Of Kody Brown Recently Bashed Robyn

Mykelti made TLC fans scratch their heads because she seemed to love and adore Robyn. Actually, that might have been because she just wanted a quiet life. She and her husband Tony Padron seldom appeared on the show. However, Kody dissed her mom, Christine, and might have triggered her fury. Christine Brown told her daughter that he never loved her after she and her dad clashed.

Mykelti Disses Art Investment By Kody Brown
Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron with her twins, Ace and Archer – Instagram
Recently, Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Robyn was the target of irate Mykleti. Instead of the peaceful, middle-of-the-road approach, the mom of three went off about Robyn. In fact, she outright accused her of lying. That came on Patreon after Robyn claimed that all was just happy Brown families until Christine left her spiritual husband.

Mykelti Dissing Kody Brown Who Invested In Art

On Reddit, a clip was shared that showed Mykleti Padron slamming her dad for buying expensive artwork by Vladimir Kush. The embed was originally posted by blogger @withoutacrystalball. TLC fans already know that Robyn and her husband like expensive things. So when Myketli talked about the art, they had a lot to say about it.

Mykelti Brown

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Mykelti doesn’t seem convinced that Kody Brown made a wise investment. Notably, nor do those people on social media who know about that sort of thing.

One member of the community oped, “These are likely glicee print replications of an original piece of artwork, that’s probably relatively worthless. Just because it is signed by the artist does it make it valuable. The original art is what is sought after. If you make a bunch of replicants of it, it degrades the value of the original artwork also. Good job, worthless junk..”

Sister Wives fan claims Kody Brown's art prints are a poor investment - Reddit
Sister Wives fan claims Kody Brown’s art prints are a poor investment – Reddit

What do you think about Mykelti Padron spilling the tea about Kody Brown’s art investment? Do you agree that prints are not an investment at all as they can easily lose value? What about his real motives? Do you think that he likes to flaunt money by spending? Does he really just want to boast about having Vladimir Kush pieces on his wall? Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep coming back for more about TLC’s Sister Wives.

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