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Miona finally reveals the real reason why she broke up with Jibri

Miona finally reveals the real reason why she broke up with Jibri

Miona from 90 Day Fiance season 9 is living her American dream, while her Husband Jibri Bell is still in Thailand working on himself. The reality TV couple had a quiet breakup a while back, but their social media activities exposed what was really going on between them. Still, the show fans didn’t know why the couple split, since none of them made an official statement to explain why, so everyone assumed that the split was Jibri Sparkles’ fault. However, Miona’s recent Instagram story, indirectly revealed the real reason, why she broke up with the American wannabe rapper.

The former couple became well known, thanks to the 90 day fiancé franchise. Both of them took advantage of their reality TV popularity, and tried to profit from it. Miona launched a new Ponytail hair extensions brand, and quickly started to earn good money from it. The young Serbian was successful because she already worked as a makeup artist, and she has a lot of expertise when it comes to fashion and beauty. Miona also knew how to use her 15 minutes of fame, to grow her social media followings. With a little bit of marketing, she managed to make her ponytail brand reach the eyes of millions of people using her social media accounts. Jibri, on the other hand, exploited the show to promote his songs, but none of them went viral. The budding artist also sold his damaged jeans for over $30k, thanks of his 90 Day Fiancé fame, and those were his biggest achievements since 2022.

Miona has had a fantastic year without her husband, Jibri Bell. Her business is still booming, and based on her recent Instagram stories, she also found a new man who is treating her right. Nevertheless, It wasn’t until she posted a one specific Instagram story, that her Instagram followers finally understood the real reason why she broke up with Jibri. The 25 year old posted a selfie picture of herself as an Instagram story with a caption:” Get to know me”.

In the same story, she shared her real her age, height, number of tattoos and piercings she has, and most importantly, she revealed that she has a phobia which is “broke men”. On 90 day fiancé season 9 which was filmed back in 2021, Jibri was broke, and apparently that didn’t change two years later. Clearly Miona broke up with Jibri because she grew tired of financially supporting him, since being a struggling artist doesn’t pay the bills.

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