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Miona Bell explains why she won’t remove Jibri’s family name after their split

Recently, Miona Bell confused her fans by claiming she sponsored herself to move to the United States without help from her American husband, Jibri. Some fans forgot that Miona didn’t come to the United States on a K-1 visa, as the show’s narrative had led them to believe. She and Jibri got married in Serbia while he was on tour with his music band “Black Serbs,”  and she most likely came to the United States on a spousal visa.


Fans tend to think that Miona’s message got lost in translation when she mentioned that she sponsored herself to get a green card. What she may have meant was that even though she still needed her American husband to file for her spousal visa, she was the one who paid for everything to move to the US, which included the visa paperwork, travel expenses, and everything else. Jibri is known for being financially irresponsible, and during the ninth season of 90 Day Fiancé, he was broke and couldn’t move from his parent’s home.

After the Green Card lottery, marrying an American citizen is considered the quickest way to obtain a green card. That could be why Miona and Jibri are still legally married despite being separated and dating other people. Many other reality TV show cast members, like Kalani Faagata, Ariela Weinberg, and Mike Youngquist, have done the same thing to help their foreign partners legalize their stay in the country without any complications.

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Recently, a fan asked Miona why she still uses the surname “Bell.” To this, Miona responded that it is just a public name, and she likes how it sounds. She clarified that it is neither her nor her ex-husband’s full last name.

Miona’s new boyfriend, Terzel, provides her with the happiness, security, and stability that she never had with her estranged husband, Jibri. She most likely won’t return to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, as she doesn’t want to risk ruining her current relationship.  

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