Meri Brown Snaps Her Ex-Husband Kody Brown In Fiery Post After London Trip!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is not mincing words about her ex-husband, Kody Brown. In 2023, Meri announced she and Kody were over for good and dumped her polygamous husband. She said that Kody didn’t care or respect her and that he didn’t want to make their separation public. Meri, on the other hand, didn’t allow her breakup with Kody to ruin her fun. She traveled solo to London in May 2023, fulfilling one of her dreams, and also visited some of the most iconic structures.

Meri shared several photos and videos from her vacation on social media, expressing her joy and gratitude. The 52-year-old recently posted a cryptic post on Instagram that appeared to be a dig at her ex-boyfriend. After having a great time in London, Meri made the post, where she saw fascinating views and shared her emotions with her admirers.

Sister Wives: Meri Hits Back At Ex Kody With Her Cryptic Post!

TLC’s Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody were the first to tie the knot in 1990, but their relationship went downhill. In January, the celebrity revealed that she and Kody have decided to call it quits. He had lost interest in and regard for her, and he no longer recognized himself as committed. She also stated that her husband was unwilling to handle their separation openly because he feared being judged. Since her divorce, the TLC star has been savoring her independence. Meri took a solo journey to London, which was one of her long-held dreams. The mother of one documented her voyage on social media and shared images and videos of her activities.

The star had scheduled a fun-filled vacation, including visits to some of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations. Following her latest vacation, Meri took to social media to taunt her ex-husband Kody Brown. After her vacation, she posted a message on her Instagram Story with an image that said, “Never apologize for having high standards.” Although Meri did not mention Kody, many fans saw the tweet as a covert jab at him for failing to satisfy her expectations and demands. Her post demonstrates that she is unwilling to accept less than she deserves in a relationship. It also indicates that she is self-assured and robust enough to defend herself and move on from her ex-husband.

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Sister Wives: “Having High Standards” Meri Brown Stands Up For Herself

Meri Brown has no hesitation in expressing her feelings about her ex-husband, Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star, who divorced Kody after 32 years of marriage, made a strong Instagram post that appeared to call out her ex-husband. She shared many photos on her Instagram during her successful trip, having fun with her friends. Later in her story, Meri shared an image of an inspirational quote that can carry dual meanings. The summary of the text advises never to apologize for having high standards

The post instantly received thousands of reactions from her followers. Some praised her bravery and freedom and urged her to pursue happiness and love. Others criticized her for being impolite and troubling and asked her to forgive and reconcile with Kody. Fans already started to raise questions about the post’s relevance, and they thought it was pointed at her ex-husband. Stay tuned to

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