Meri Brown Seems Happier Without Kody

Sister Wives fans see that in Season 18, Meri Brown and Kody and Robyn Brown hold intense conversations, but in real life, she seems to have literally found her happiest place on earth. Actually, it’s a bit difficult for TLC fans to separate serious Meri on the show from happy-go-lucky Meri on her Friday with Friends livestream.

Meri Brown Is Happier Away From Robyn And Kody

Sister Wives Fans seemed a bit shocked when Leon’s mom discussed Kody being “done” with her. Robyn seemed sympathetic and wailed about wanting to sit “on the porch” and watch the grandkids grow up. Well, the former first wife seemed to realize that in fact, Robyn wasn’t the friend she thought. So, she confessed that in fact, there was really no friendship as she hardly ever got invited to Robyn’s place.

Meri Brown does have real friends who support her. One of them is Jenn Sullivan who manages the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan. She also does the livestream almost every Friday night. Then, there’s her friend, Blair. In 2020, she revealed that she cared so much about his Deer Forest Park conservation project that she donated money from her LuLaRoe business.


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Meri Brown Does Her Friday With Friends With Blair

Sister Wives fans enjoy tuning in on Instagram to listen to the BNB owner and Jenn Sullivan go live. It began in about 2021 and lots of TLC fans agreed that the two women were hilarious. People who stopped in hoping for spoilers about the TLC were disappointed, though. She never dropped spoilers there.

Sister Wives Meri Brown finds happiness at Disneyland with Blair Instagram
Sister Wives – Meri Brown, Blair find happiness at Disneyland – Instagram

‘Happiest Place On Earth’

Meri Brown and Blair visited Disneyland, and they did the livestream from there. Those Sister Wives fans who think He’s a flame are wrong, In fact, he came out as gay years ago. Laughing giggling, and smiling, they clearly had a wonderful time together. The Sun noted how happy she seemed. The outlet wrote, “The TV personality smiled and giggled throughout the recording, clearly enjoying her time at the theme park.”

TLC fans noticed her happiness and one viewer said, “Happiest place on earth!! Enjoy your time!!”

Another follower wrote, “You look so happy! Congratulations on taking your own path. U go girl! Love Disneyland as well.”

A third responder said, “I love to see you having fun ❤️.”

Do you think that a threesome with Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown seemed like the worst thing possible for her? Are you delighted to see her looking so happy in real life? Blair has been a good friend since forever. Also, did you enjoy seeing him on Friday with Friends?

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