Meri Brown Reveals Huge Pay Cut with Creepy Plan Today

Sister Wives star Meri Brown‘s latest reveal involves something creepy in the works as well as a hefty cut in pay from what she earned in the past.

This TLC celebrity makes a good living for herself, but that entails juggling a few businesses. Her fame from the TLC series likely helped create a large customer base. But not all of her ventures turned out well received.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Invents Herself

Meri Brown is a recognized face in the crowd today due to her celebrity status on a reality show. For over a decade, she and her shared husband, along with her three sister wives, allowed the public a peek inside their private lives.

Through those years, the viewers formed favorites, along with plenty of opinions on the Sister Wives clan. The first wife of this plural marriage became a fan favorite from the get-go of the show. Sure, she has her share of critics, but her hundreds of thousands of followers outweigh them by far.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

So, Meri’s got a built-in Sister Wives customer base for the line of clothing she sells. Plus her popularity most likely helps fill her B&B, which has won awards for one of Utah’s best. But she wasn’t always that lucky with her money-making ideas.

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Meri Ruffled Feathers…

Critics jumped all over Meri Brown a while back for a money-making idea. She thought outside the box and created weekend retreats. She put these together and peddled them online.

The feature of this attraction was spending time with Meri Brown. But it seems she didn’t take her average Sister Wives fans’ wallets into consideration with this plan.

It soon became clear that charging several thousand dollars per person to attend was too steep. She got a fair share of bashing over this online. But she didn’t just do this once, she tried it another time as well. But her Sister Wives critics trashed this idea again.

Well, this weekend Meri revealed her new money-making venture. It seems she adopted the same type of theory that McDonald’s based their sales on. You, know, the place with the golden arches now selling burgers in unimaginable numbers.

Every day McDonald’s sells more than 6.48 million burgers, which comes out to about 2.36 billion per year. By charging such a reasonable price per burger, they made their money by selling a lot for less. Now it looks like Meri Brown has a similar idea.

Sister Wives: Selling an Idea in Bulk

It seems Meri Brown ditched the idea of selling a few spots, for thousands of dollars, as she did for her weekend retreats. Instead, Meri is offering 1-hour ghost tours of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While the spots are limited, she’s doing four tours a day on the last two Saturdays leading up to Halloween.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Haunted House Tours
Sister Wives | Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

The big draw…  Sister Wives celeb, Meri Brown, will be there for the tours, so you get to meet her and talk with her during that time. So for the affordable price of $50, you get to meet Meri and hear about her B&B, which is said to be haunted.

Fans have already shown much enthusiasm online for her new venture. So far, critics seem scarce, if any at all. Meri never offers tours of her B&B, as she respects the privacy of her guests. So, this is likely the first time people can tour her establishment without booking a room.

Meri’s Creepy Event to Evoke Chills…

One of the Sister Wives comments asked if this tour is too frightening for small children. Meri couldn’t answer that because different things scare different kids.

While it doesn’t sound as if she incorporates any gore into this haunted house tour, as many other haunted houses do, she promises some scary stuff.

But Lizzie’s is said to be haunted, this isn’t some made-up attraction. This house had been in her family since it was built and then in modern times it was sold to someone outside the family.

But when Meri heard it was on the market, she had an overwhelming urge to buy it.

Sister Wives: Knee-Knocking Event?

While the original Sister Wives matriarch has never seen a ghost at the B&B, others have. Guests have asked if the inn was haunted after experiencing things they can’t explain.

Her best friend Jenn Sullivan, worked on planning these tours with her. During the tours, Meri intends to tell haunted house stories.

Jenn said that the neighbors heard about these tours and were excited. They even offered some interesting info on the house as well.


Meri Brown is now selling spots for her haunted house tours in a way that mirrors McDonald’s idea with burgers. She’s selling more for less.

Instead of people shelling out thousands of dollars for a weekend retreat, Meri Brown makes it an affordable $50 ticket fee for an hour with this famous TLC series star and her haunted house.

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