Meri Brown Motivates Fans To “Worthy Up” & Not Let Anyone ‘Dictate’ Them!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been embracing her life after coming out of her over three-decade-old marriage with Kody. She has exceptionally evolved after she walked out of her troubled marriage. Her confidence and change in perspective are evident through her motivational and thought-provoking social media uploads. The reality TV personality recently shared an inspirational post with her Instagram followers. Meri suggested her followers to be and own up who they are. The upload reflected that Meri is well aware of her true worth. Here is more about it!

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Spreads Motivation — “You Are Worthy”

Meri Brown recently traveled to New York and has since been sharing frequent glimpses into her fun outings and adventures with fans. She took to her Instagram on the weekend to share a picture from her recent visit to the Museum of Ice Cream in New York. She described it as a fun and interactive attraction, where she wrote her message for the world using the massive magnetic bulletin board. In the picture, Meri posed with her message that suggested her followers to ‘Worthy up.’ She then added that this w as a reminder that you are worthy because you exist.

The Sister Wives star then elaborated her message in the caption, wherein Meri suggested that we do not have to earn anything, prove, or be anything else besides who we are. She shared that all of us deserve to be heard, seen, and loved just the way we are. She accepted that there can be moments when we feel unworthy or need to prove ourselves, talking about the worst scenario where we let people’s opinions about us describe us. Then Mero suggested we must stop this! The fifty-two-year-old star then concluded her message by advising her followers to enter their power and just be themselves. Brown even suggested them to cheer their loved ones to be themselves!

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is Dedicated To Let It Go!

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown often shares her opinions with her social media family. She has described the change in her perception after her split as the “season of change.” Last month, she shared a smiling selfie, wherein she revealed that she was letting go of the past and looking forward to what comes next. Meri described it as the time to look inward to decide who she is and what all has changed. The TLC celeb revealed that it was time for her to get rid of stuff that is holding her back, whether emotional, physical, or unneeded stuff. Meri declared it to be the time to create an updated version of herself and that she is willing to learn, create, and become what she desires.

She expressed her desire to be the best and the brightest version of herself who can love fully, inspire, give insight, and have an impact on others. She then concluded by describing it as her evolution. On numerous other occasions, she stayed focused to inspiring others through her uploads. Stay tuned to

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