Meri Brown Disowns Robyn, Says They’re No Longer ‘Sister Wives’

Meri Brown Disowns Robyn, Says They’re No Longer ‘Sister Wives’

Meri Brown declares that because her marriage to Kody Brown is over, she no longer considers Robyn Brown her sister wife, during the third part of the “Sister Wives: One on One” special. 

Meri Brown

Meri and Robyn have maintained a friendship over the years, and Robyn consistently lobbied for Kody to reconcile with his first wife after the pair’s romance went south.

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Meri admits that her relationship with Robyn had become complicated since officially parting ways with Kody. 

“I feel like my relationship with Robyn, like that’s something that she and I are working on and trying to figure out and navigate because it is different,” Meri tells host, Sukanya Krishnan, in a preview clip from Sunday’s episode. 

Sister Wives

“You know, as much as I think we would like to say, ‘No, it’s not (different)’ it is because now I’m friends with my ex-husband’s wife and I’m emotionally not 100% there yet,” she said.

Meri Brown

Kody’s third wife and the first to walk away, Christine Brown, and Kody’s second wife, Janelle, have agreed that they still consider themselves sister wives. Meri could not say the same about her relationship with Robyn. 

“No, because when you’re a sister wife, it’s because you’re married to the same man and I am a single woman,” Meri points out.

Kody Brown

“You have a bigger support system there?” Krishnan asks.

Meri Brown

Meri shares — “My best friend Jenn is the one person in the past decade that I have trusted more than anybody else.”

“You’re admitting you don’t trust your sister wives? Help me understand that,” Krishnan responds. 

Meri Brown

Krishnan asks Meri to explain the difference between her friendship with Jenn and those she shared with her former sister wives.  

“They don’t have my back,” she said. “Oh, by the way, I don’t have sister wives, just FYI.”

Sister Wives: One-on-One

Meri walks back her comment after Krishnan points out that Robyn was her cheerleader for years. 

Robyn has my back, yes,” Meri admits.

Robyn Brown

“Well, I don’t trust her. I think she says one thing but does another,” Christine asserts. “How can you say you want the whole big family picture, but then do all these separate things with Kody? How can you say you want the whole big family picture when he’s over at your house all the time?” 

She clarifies that she doesn’t want to pile all the blame for the family breakdown on Robyn. 

“I think we probably all had something to do with that,” she quips. 

Sister Wives: One-on-One

However, Christine reiterates that she has no plan to pursue a friendship with Kody’s fourth wife. 

She states — “I’m not going to be her friend because I don’t believe her.”

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