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Meisha Johnson Introduces Her Daughters On Tell-All! Will They Accept Nicola?

Nicola and Meisha turned out to be the weirdest couple in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. They crossed paths seven years ago and instantly made connections for their devout Christian beliefs. Meisha Johnson worked as a proud journalist for 10 years. However, she had her spiritual awakening when she saw two suns burning while vacuuming her home. Meanwhile, Nicola Kanaan is a 50-year-old virgin man with conventional beliefs. He had been hiding his relationship with his mother because Johnson was already a mom of two daughters. Now, Meisha invited her daughters to the Tell All episode. Did they seem ready to welcome their new dad?

90 Day Fiance: Meisha Johnson Introduces Her Daughters On Tell-All! Will They Accept Nicola?

Meisha Johnson appeared as a fierce and confident woman. The 46-year-old star worked as a journalist at some of the prestigious channels like FOX and CBS. Her choice to turn into a Spiritual Director shocked everyone.

Nicola’s friend didn’t understand why she wanted to live with an old virgin man who lived with his mother. But Meisha is determined to travel to Israel to be with her lover. Fans were eager to know how old her daughters are.

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Finally, the 90 Day Fiance star introduced her two daughters, Morea and Svea, at the Tell-All. During the episode, Meisha and Nicola appeared in blue and pink outfits to support their mother and called her “strong.”

In the latest sneak peek, Meisha welcomed her daughters and claimed that they would put him (Nicola) in his place. In it, Nicola from 90 Day Fiance told everyone that a woman should follow men.

Aged 20 and 18, her daughters said that he wasn’t listening to Meisha whenever she shared her concerns. Fans have also seen him be delusional in the past, comparing himself to Jesus. Also, the duo believed that Nicola will judge them if their mom married him.

The sisters felt that their new dad might judge them if they did teenage stuff at home. Also, Meisha’s daughters claim that they didn’t want to feel trapped in their own homes. Now, viewers have to wait to see how her daughters will approve of him.

90 Day Fiance: Nicola Kanaan Finally Gets Down One One Knee For Meisha!

Nicola and Meisha’s journey was filled with roadblocks. However, they stood with each other during the tough times. Now, the 90 Day Fiance star is ready to tie the knot. Recently, Nicola surprised his girlfriend after proposing to her publicly.

The two were walking down the streets of Jerusalem when Nicola suddenly got down on one knee for his lady love. Meisha was in utter shock after the big surprise. First, she asked, “Is that for real?” and took some time to process it. However, the TLC star was happy to see her dream come true.

Finally, Kanaan asked if that was a “yes or a no” from her side, and she replied with a yes. Well, the Israel native made it clear that he didn’t buy a ring, and they had to rush to buy a ring of her choice. Later, he explained why he chose that spot for proposing to her.

Nicola said that the place is just 20 meters away from Holy Sepulchre Church. Hence, he found it very sacred.

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