Matt Roloff’s Ex-Employee Convicted Of Cocaine Possession

Isabel Roloff has been exceptionally active on the Instagram dedicated to Roloff Farms. She has been consistently providing updates on the property. Little People, Big World fans, however, noticed something. One of Matt Roloff’s employees was missing. More specifically, an employee who had been with him the longest. What happened to Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez? TLC fans demanded answers. Fortunately, other fans had those answers.

Turns out, this former employee of Matt Roloff was busted for cocaine possession. And, a whole slew of other charges. What exactly did he get charged with? Moreover, fans want to know if Matt still keeps in touch with him. Keep reading for the details.

Matt Roloff’s Ex-Employee Convicted Of Cocaine Possession & More

Roloff Farms employed Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez for nearly two decades. Interestingly, his absence from the property was explained on the show back in 2016. Nevertheless, that context didn’t deter fans from recently popping into an Instagram post. Popping in and inquiring about his whereabouts or what had transpired with him.

A fan penned as they answered the question: “I think he was deported. I wonder if any of the Roloff’s have kept in touch with him.”

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The OP who asked the question noted it was a huge bummer as Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez was always such a “good person” and worked really hard for Matt.

According to The Sun, the TLC series announced Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez left Roloff Farms and was deported in 2016. Court documents revealed he was on his way back to Mexico. Furthermore, these legal documents disclosed a whole slew of charges on his record. Among these charges were driving under the influence, reckless driving, and possession of cocaine.

During an episode back in 2016, Amy told her son Zach it was “official” that Camerino was being deported. She added the news was “devastating.” Several members of the Roloff family made their concerns for Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez’s children public.

Likewise, Matt Roloff even tried to save his former employee. He started a petition and collected 35,000 signatures as he fought to save his employee from deportation. In his petition, he argued Camerino’s documentation was “flawed.” However, he argued the Roloff family wanted to sponsor Camerino.

Matt Roloff shared as he explained what went wrong: “[The lawyer] mishandled clients funds and made poor judgements on behalf of her clients, Camerino included.”

At the time, Matt Roloff also argued that his former employee was facing false charges for drugs that did not belong to him.

LPBW fans assume Matt would have welcomed him back if he was able to get back into the States.

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