Matt Roloff Confirms He Will Retire Soon! Who Will Look After The Farm?

Matt Roloff is one of the biggest celebrities to come out of Little People Big World. In the beginning, it was him, his wife Amy, living on a huge pumpkin farm with his four kids. After almost two decades since the show began to air, things have changed.

The LPBW patriarch got into a nasty feud with his sons Jeremy and Zach, as they always believed in being heirs to the farm. But that isn’t the case anymore. While Matt won’t be giving the property to his sons, he did confirm about retiring soon!

LPBW: Matt Willing To Retire Soon! Who Will Own The Farm?

The show LPBW is one of the longest-running ones from TLC. Matt, Amy, Zach, Molly, Jeremy, and Jacob have become household names now. Even if most of the kids don’t star in the show anymore, fans still look out for them.

Everyone must know how Matt has strained relationships with his sons Jeremy and Zach after refusing to let them own the family property. On top of this, he announced something major on his social media handle.

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Matt revealed how his youngest sons, Jacob and Isabel, are taking up more responsibilities on the farm. Apparently, they have been doing so as Matt and his fiance, Caryn, keep alternating between being in Oregon and Arizona.

Little People Big World LPBW

That’s because the LPBW star wishes to retire soon. Yes, he confirmed this in his new Instagram post. Fans had a hint that Matt is inching towards retirement. After all, he is 60 years old now. But the future of the farm still remains uncertain.

Many Little People Big World viewers want to know whether Jacob will be the one who will eventually get the inheritance or not. Well, Matt didn’t give any details regarding the future of the farm.

LPBW: Will Jacob Become The Ultimate Heir Of Roloff Farms?

Jacob Roloff has adapted to a low-key life since he quit LPBW years ago. He and his family, consisting of his wife Isabel and son Mateo, keep things private. But fans did find out how the couple has been living in an RV on the farm to save up.

At the same time, they are always willing to help out on Matt’s 100-acre property. Because of this, fans have always wondered if Jacob will be the ultimate one to take over the Farm after Matt’s retirement. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A few months ago, Matt announced relisting Roloff Farms for sale. Hence, Matt Roloff intends to sell 16 acres of his farm and the big family house for $ 3,395,000! Earlier, he had set the price of the same to $4 million!

Little People Big World LPBW

While the star did convert the place into a temporary Airbnbnow he wants to sell the place altogether. It could be so that Matt can focus on his retirement life with Caryn after they tie the knot in 2024. They are now engaged after being in a relationship for 5-6 years.

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