Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler’s Wedding Details Finally REVEALED!

LPBW stars Matt and Caryn decided to announce their relationship in 2017 publicly. But it was only a few months back when the former popped up the question. Hence, the couple happily revealed that they had taken their bond forward and got engaged. Since then, fans have been manifesting their big day and wondering when Matt and Caryn would exchange vows. Amid all this, a source revealed many crucial details about their big day, and viewers are still in disbelief. When will they get married?

Matt & Caryn’s Big Day’s Details Revealed

LPBW stars Matt and Caryn initially didn’t intend to walk down the aisle. They were happy with their boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. But their mindset shifted a bit over the years, and they decided to get engaged. Since then, viewers have been waiting for the couple to announce their wedding date. Apparently, Matt and Caryn revealed that they would exchange vows in 2024. Amid all this, recently, a source disclosed some crucial details about their wedding and changed the air of the dynamics.

LPBW Little People Big World

Recently, Caryn’s son, Connor, had a chat with TheSun about his mother’s wedding. He shockingly revealed that for now, “nothing” is “in play yet.” Though Matt and Caryn have decided that they want a “small” wedding, they aren’t sure how small it would be. As per the star kid, this couple hasn’t even decided if they would prefer having a huge reception afterward or not. Connor confessed that his mother and to-be stepfather haven’t finalized the guest list. But they are thinking about whether they would invite their kids or not. Matt and Caryn are still thinking about whom to invite and whom not to.

Connor further stated, “And it’s no hard feelings, no disrespect.” He claimed that Matt and Caryn were skeptical about the guest list because they wanted a small wedding. So, the couple is considering the size of the event and is planning everything that they want to play out. However, Connor confessed that nothing has been finalized to date.

LPBW: Caryn & Matt Will Exchange Vows On The Roloff Farms?

It’s been a while since LPBW star Matt has been busy building his huge mansion on the Roloff farms. Fans were sure that he was constructing it to spend his happily ever after with Caryn after walking down the aisle. Hence, viewers were wondering if the couple would actually end up exchanging vows on the Roloff farms itself or not. Recently, Connor decided to clear the air and throw some light on the matter. He confessed that his mother talked about having a reception on the Roloff farms. The star made it clear that whatever their plans would be, Caryn and Matt would surely have an event on the property.

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LPBW Little People Big World

As per Connor, Caryn revealed to him that the reception would be scheduled in the new house after it was completed. However, the latter still wants his wedding to be in Arizona or in Cabo in Mexico. Fans feel that perhaps the matrairch wouldn’t be comfortable exchanging vows on the Roloff farms. Apparently, Matt and Amy’s ceremony also took place at the same venue. So, there is a fair chance that Caryn wants something different. For all the latest LPBW,

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