Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler Moved Into Their Dream Home?

Audrey Roloff shared some videos of Christmas on her Instagram stories, and she might have inadvertently leaked the possibility that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler already moved into his new home on the farm. Notably, Audrey and Jeremy stayed in their old home which is a rental now, but the kids visited their grandfather.

LPBW Matt Roloff Started Planning His New Home In 2021

Two years ago, the Little People, Big World patriarch revealed some plans for a new home. The old house that Amy lived in on her portion of the land went up for sale. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey left their house where they previously stayed at Roloff Farms. Nowadays, they have their own house on their farm.

TLC fans hoped that Matt Roloff would spend time with the grandchildren at Christmas. And, it was Tori Roloff who revealed that the family gathered in Oregon. There, the cousins all enjoyed a day with their grandmother, Amy Roloff. Although good progress was made on Matt’s new home for Caryn, it didn’t look ready for occupation a few months ago. So, it wasn’t certain if the family visited him there.


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Audrey’s Kids Shown Visiting Their Grandfather’s New House?

Amongst her many stories, LPBW alum Audrey showed her kids zooming around Roloff Farms in a toy car. They drew up to a door and parked, and Audrey wrote about the kids following them to “little papa’s house.” On Reddit, TLC fans took that to mean that Caryn and her fiance already moved into the new mansion. Perhaps she just spoiled part of Season 25 of Little People, Big World.

LPBW - Audrey Roloff Shows Matt Roloff's New Home - Instagram Stories Via Reddit
LPBW – Audrey Roloff Shows Matt Roloff’s New Home? – Instagram Stories Via Reddit
The home where the kid parked looked very much like the style of the new home that Matt Roloff shared on social media. In the Reddit discussion, the OP said:

Looks like Matt’s in the new house.

TLC Fans agreed that he probably did move into the new home, especially as the news emerged that Jacob and Isabel moved into the old place that his father lived in since his divorce from Amy. They call it the “DW” or the “Double Wide.”

  • Izzy & Jacob work for Matt on the farm for a year or two now. They moved into the DW a couple weeks ago.
  • Audrey is dying inside because Matt is in his new house!
  • When did they start referring to him as “little papa”? I only noticed it this month. I guess they went so long without ever talking about Matt that I never noticed if they always called him that.
  • Uh oh. I think I’m going to like it.

What are your thoughts about Audrey hinting that Matt Roloff and Caryn might have moved into his new home already? Do you hope to see it in a new season of Little People, Big World? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your LPBW news.

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