Matt Begs Fans To Attend Pumpkin Season As Business Seems To Be Failing!

Matt Roloff has come a long way when it comes to his Little People Big World journey. It has been around 30 years since he bought the farm in Oregon. It is now widely known as the Roloff Farms and is more than 100 acres.

Hence, he is now gearing up to celebrate the upcoming pumpkin season at full throttle. But since the farm feud, there have been a lot of changes. Owing to this, LPBW fans have been rebelling against visiting the place. So, Matt had to resort to begging his fans to pay him a visit during the popular season. What made fans so angry?

LPBW: Angry Fans Refuse To Visit Roloff Farms! Matt Begs Them To

It has been almost two decades since Little People Big World became a popular phenomenon on TLC. At first, Matt and Amy used to live on their big pumpkin farm with their four kids. But they got divorced, and their kids grew up and moved out.

Despite this, Matt Roloff continues to host the pumpkin season every year for the fans to come and visit the place they have seen on screens for many years. However, fans have been upfront this time around about not visiting.

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Apparently, Matt announced that there will be no private tours during the pumpkin season. Earlier, it was Zach who would host this until his farm feud with the LPBW patriarch. Later, Amy’s new husband, Chris Marek, replaced him.

This was enough to put LPBW fans off, and they said things around the farm aren’t the same anymore since Zach’s departure. So, they have been refusing to visit the farm. Amid all this, Matt resorted to coming up with various ways to persuade them to attend.

Lately, Matt shared a picture of “The Roloff Gotel.” It will be a place in the upcoming event where fans will be able to meet and pet goats. While introducing this attraction, he shared a picture of three goats and asked fans to visit to meet them. Yet, fans remain skeptical as most of them seem angry.

LPBW: Matt Relists His Farm For Sale For Almost $4 Million Again!

LPBW fans must know by now that Matt Roloff had a nasty feud with his sons Jeremy and Zach. While the latter two had their hearts set on owning and ruling over the family farm, their father didn’t let them.

He asked for an insane price for the same from his own sons instead of just letting them inherit it. So, they moved away to focus on different things. Last year, Matt had put the farm up for sale for 4 million but took it down after a few months, only to turn the big house into a short-term rental.

Little People Big World LPBW

However, the latest details reveal that Matt has put the farm back on sale. Earlier, it was for $4 million. But now, it has been for $3,395,000. As per Matt’s fiancee Caryn’s son Connor, the family decided to put the less used portion of the farm on sale with the big house.

While they aim to sell 16 acres, the rest of the 90 will still belong to Matt. Could this be the reason why fans are boycotting the LPBW star’s pumpkin season?

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