LPBW: Zach Roloff Shares A Wholesome Moment With Lilah & Jackson

Zach and Tori share an adorable family of three kids, and LPBW fans are absolutely in love with them. Their storyline has been a part of Little People Big World for years and has kept the viewers with the show intact. It has been a pleasure watching this couple grow their family and evolve in their roles as parents.

Amid all this, fans couldn’t stop gushing over the recent wholesome moment that Zach shared with Lilah and Jackson. Tori documented them and shared the heartwarming video with her viewers.

LPBW: Fans Gush Over Zach’s Wholesome Moment With Lilah & Jackson

Lately, LPBW star Tori Roloff has been showering her husband, Zach, with love for being a great father these days. She has been acknowledging the latter’s efforts as he has been giving his best. The sweet dad looked after his kids while Tori was away from the house due to some work.

Zach even stayed with the kids when Tori went on an all-girls trip to Disneyland and took a break from her life. After all this, the latter recently shared a wholesome clip that documented her husband spending a great time with Lilah and Jackson.

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The clip featured Lilah and Jackson playing with a ball in their living room. Zach was initially lying down and watching his kids play. But soon, he also couldn’t control himself and joined them. The LPBW celeb showed off new styles and moves of playing with the toddlers while the star kids seemed to be enjoying a lot with their father.

Fans were glad as they loved the bond that Zach shared with his children. They even praised him for taking out time for them and playing. Not only this, but viewers also couldn’t stop gushing over Lilah. She was giving tough competition to her father and Jackson. Even Tori appreciated her little girl f or doing the same in the caption.

LPBW: Are Jackson’s Legs Getting Better? Is He Fine?

Jackson has inherited dwarfism from his paternal side of the family. He deals with the condition of “bowed legs.” The LPBW star kid even had to undergo surgery while his parents opted for the least painful one. It basically aimed at correcting the curvature by packing plates on his growth plates.


Jackson bravely underwent the surgery and dealt with the entire thing like a champ. However, his doctors made it clear that they would have to wait for a few years to see the results. Hence, since then, viewers have been wondering if the star kid’s surgery was a success or not.

During the recent clip, Jackson was featured running after the ball enthusiastically. His legs didn’t seem to be a barrier at all, and he was dealing with it really well. Moreover, it appeared that the toddler wasn’t in any kind of pain as well. Hence, fans finally took a sigh of relief and were happy to watch Jackson shine.

However, his legs’ curvature was still evident, which bothered his audience who were praying for his well-being.

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