LPBW: Why Is Tori Going On A Trip Without Zach, Lilah, & Josiah?

Tori Roloff has lately been busy with her content creator’s gathering. She left her family and traveled alone to meet new people and expand her career. The LPBW celeb even met Audrey, and it was evident that she really enjoyed her time alone.

However, Little People Big World viewers were shocked to know that Tori decided to take another trip just after the day she returned to her family. Not only this, but she isn’t even taking Zach, Lilah, and Josiah with her! Where is she going now? Why is she going alone?

LPBW: Fans Wonder Why Tori Is Leaving Zach, Lilah & Josiah Behind!

LPBW star Tori Roloff recently revealed that she will head to Disneyland as soon as she reaches home. Fans were happy to know that this family would again have a vacation, and they would post some more wholesome pictures as they did before. However, they were in shock to know that the matriarch was traveling only with her oldest son, Jackson, this time.

This made the audience wonder why Tori didn’t take Zach, Lilah, and Josiah with her, as it seemed that they really enjoyed it during their last visit to Disneyland. Hence, several viewers confronted Tori regarding the same, who made a shocking revelation.

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During a recent Q&A session, a LPBW fan asked Tori why she was taking a Disneyland trip without her family. She revealed that Lilah didn’t want to come at all. She doesn’t like “noises,” and the matriarch feels that her daughter is a little “young” for now to enjoy the place. Moreover, as soon as she heard that Zach was also staying, she was sure that she didn’t want to join her mother.

On the other hand, Tori revealed that Zach isn’t really fond of Disneyland as much as she and Jackson are. Hence, he decided to stay back. The celeb further added that Josiah didn’t have any “opinion.” So he is also staying with his father while she and Jackson are enjoying Disneyland now!

LPBW: Tori Reveals If She Needs Break From Being A Mom Or Not

While LPBW star Tori Roloff was on her flight to Disneyland, she decided to answer all the questions of her viewers. A user complimented the star, “You are such a great mom,” and asked, “Do you ever need a break?.” The celeb was quick to reshare the question with a stunning view from her airplane’s window.

Tori replied, “Of course!! I’m [in] a Disneyland.. haha my kind of break.” Hence, it was evident that she was enjoying her trip with her son, and viewers were happy to know that the matriarch was finally taking a much-deserved break from her hectic schedule.


Tori further shared many glimpses from her trip. She posted a carousel of stories in which Jackson ended up sleeping on a table as he was really tired. However, soon, the mother-son duo got ready for their “Oogie boogie bash.”

The star kid, Jackson, dressed up as an Avenger while Tori decided to go for her favorite, Minnie Mouse. Hence, it appears that both of them are really having fun together and are enjoying each other’s company as well.

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