LPBW: Tori & Zach Celebrate As Lilah Turns 4-Years-Old [See Photos]

Little People Big World fans love to watch Tori and Zach’s sweet family on screens. A lot has changed in the lives of the couple since the last season of LPBW. All three kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah, are growing up rather quickly. LPBW fans love watching them crossing new milestones every day.

Lilah always has a special place in her parent’s hearts. One of the reasons is that she is the only daughter of Tori and Zach. Hence, the couple enjoys sharing a glimpse of their childhood a lot. Fans of the series have watched the little child thriving in different areas of her life.

She won many hearts with her love for dancing. Recently, Lilah turned four, and the mom-of-three shared many wholesome pictures from her birthday. Have a look!

LPBW: Tori & Zach Celebrate Lilah’s SPECIAL Day With A Sweet Celebration!

Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff is the biggest cheerleader of her kids. She stands by all her kids, even during their little achievements. The LPBW star’s daughter Lilah was born to the Roloff family on November 19, 2019. So Tori and Zach decided to celebrate their daughter’s fourth birthday with a cute birthday party.

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Recently, the mother-of-three shared a series of pictures of her middle child, Lilah. Tori posted several pictures of the little girl dressed in a cute light pink frock over a denim jacket. She was standing on the grass with a “4” symbol referring to her age.

Tori’s only daughter wore a customized denim jacket with her name written on the back. Also, she sported a pink and white hairband and a sweet necklace to complete her look. Further, Tori added a few pictures of Lilah twirling on the ground while wearing her flowy frock.

Tori wrote, “Happy birthday to our sweet Lilah Ray!” She went on to call her princess a sweet, loving, and hilarious kid. Also, the mom-of-three stated, “You are the best little sister and big sister!” Thousands of LPBW fans quickly jumped in the comment section and wished her on her fourth birthday.

Later, Tori shared several pictures of her daughter’s birthday celebration on her Instagram story. She posed with Lilah and her husband Zach while sporting a denim outfit in front of the beautiful backdrop of a baby pink and blue balloon arch. The reality TV celeb also shared a picture of her three kids posing together and wrote, “Time is such just a thief.”

LPBW: Which Family Members Attended Lilah’s Birthday Party?

Lilah’s birthday party was full of fun and enjoyment. Tori and Zach invited lots of guests to her birthday party. She shared several pictures of the kids enjoying the event. However, the LPBW fans were curious to know which family members attended the special day.


Initially, fans couldn’t spot Amy Roloff in the pictures and videos. But Tori did share a picture of Mimi attending the party eventually. Also, the mother of three uploaded a picture of her mother and grandmother. She wrote, “Thank you, grandmas, for making it extra special.”

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