LPBW: Tori Shares Her Sadness & Frustration While Parenting Three Kids!

Tori Roloff is a wonderful mom of three kids: Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah. She often shares her views and experiences with the Little People Big World audience on social media. The LPBW star thoroughly enjoys fun and adventurous activities with her kids.

Fans often praise the mom of three for spreading positivity through her posts. Tori has become one of the most fan-favorite celebrities from the series. They keep following her social media posts for more updates on her family.

Tori mostly shares some loving posts about her kids and how they enjoy each other’s company. However, she also faces some terrible parenting days. Yet, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her tough moments as a parent, too. Recently, she opened up about a sad and frustrating situation with the kids.

LPBW: Tori Shares Her Guilt While Raising Her Children!

Tori Roloff turns heads with her encouraging and happy posts on social media. LPBW Fans love to follow her journey through her posts. The star keeps updating her fans about experiencing lovely moments with her kids.

However, not every moment is pleasant in the TLC star’s life. Currently, the mom of three is raising her toddler, Josiah. She has been facing his tantrums for the past few months because of his growing age. She updated her fans on how she and her husband have been navigating through the changes in his attitude.

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Recently, Tori opened up about her guilt and frustration while parenting her children. The reality TV celeb took to Instagram to share her experience with her fans. She wrote, “Parenting is hard sometimes and I feel like I could’ve done tonight so much better.”


Tori went ahead to express how difficult it was to put the kids to bed after a frustrating evening. She added, “ I have such guilt and just want to wake them all up and cuddle them.” Later, the LPBW star felt optimistic about the new day.

She braced up for the next day and thanked God for his grace and the forgiveness of her family. Tori ended her post after thanking Goodness for bringing Zach into her life.

LPBW: Tori Opens Up About An Embarrassing Incident With Lilah!

Tori Roloff has been dealing with parenting challenges as her kids are growing up. Recently, the LPBW star opened up about an embarrassing story with Lilah. The mom of three revealed that she went to a store with her little girl after her swimming class.

However, Tori’s daughter got so excited to spot a bench at the store and started shouting. The LPBW celeb explained that she usually doesn’t listen to her kids when they are out because they are always speaking. However, Lilah started yelling to draw attention towards her.


She said, “Come look at this bench.” in her own language. So, Tori got embarrassed after hearing Lilah’s words. She explained how the words sounded like something else from her mouth.

Also, the reality TV star couldn’t do anything but laugh at her daughter’s innocence. But she wondered what people must be thinking about her after listening to Lilah’s words.

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