‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Shares Kids’ BEST Photo Dump Ever

Tori Roloff of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) took to her Instagram to share what fans are agreeing is the BEST photo dump she’s ever shared of her children. The photo collection included five stunning pieces featuring two of her three children. Which two children were part of this mini-photoshoot and who was missing? Plus, scroll down to take a look at these breathtaking photos.

Lilah Roloff Helps Josiah

The first stunning photo in the collection featured Josiah Roloff sitting on the ground while his sister Lilah was feeding him fruit they were outside picking. The caption noted that Lilah was helping her little brother “break into our bounty.”

LPBW Tori Roloff YouTube

Lilah Roloff’s baby doll was on the ground beside them as she stood next to Josiah and towered over him.

Check out the first photo from Tori Roloff’s collection below:

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Josiah and Lilah Roloff - Instagram
Josiah and Lilah Roloff – Instagram

The second photo featured Lilah Roloff standing on a small wood plank bridge. She smiled at her mother as Tori Roloff snapped the photo. Lilah had both of her hands wrapped around her baby doll when the photo was snapped. The baby doll was facing Lilah and resting on her stomach.

“My little mother bean,” Tori captioned the photo as she attached a white heart emoji to the end of the caption.

Check out the second photo in the collection below:

Lilah Roloff - Instagram
Lilah Roloff – Instagram

The next two photos in the collection both featured Josiah Roloff. In one photo he sat in the grass. In the second photo, he stood next to a skinny tree. He placed one of his hands on the thin tree as he used it for support.

In the first photo, Tori Roloff placed three blue heart emojis next to Josiah’s head. Check out the first photo of Josiah sitting below:

Josiah Roloff - Instagram
Josiah Roloff – Instagram
Josiah Roloff - Instagram
Josiah Roloff – Instagram

The fifth and final photo in Tori Roloff’s beautiful photo dump was of Lilah. The photo featured Lilah holding up a piece of fruit from their bounty toward the camera. Her eyes sparkled and she cracked a soft smile as her mother snapped the photo.

Lilah Roloff - Instagram
Lilah Roloff – Instagram

Despite Jackson not being in the photos, LPBW fans were so happy Tori Roloff shared such beautiful photos of Lilah and Josiah with them.

Tori Roloff Instagram - Little People Big World - Jackson Roloff
Tori Roloff Instagram – Little People Big World – Jackson Roloff

What did you think of these stunning photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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