LPBW: Tori Roloff Is Struggling To Parent ‘Frustrated’ Josiah, Asks For HELP!

Tori Roloff never shies away from sharing her parenting struggles with fans. However, LPBW fans mostly see her posting positive and light-hearted posts on her social media profile. They like to catch a glimpse of the three adorable kids in her life with their everyday activities.

However, not every day is good in Zach and Tori’s life. Josiah is their youngest kid, who is at a very crucial stage of his life. The Little People Big World stars adore their sweet boy a lot and often share their cutest moments with fans.

But now, Tori has been hinting at a change in his behavior for a long time due to growth spurts. It appears that she is unable to communicate and parent her third child. What happened?

LPBW: Tori Roloff Shares Real Challenges Of Parenting & Communication With Josiah!

Tori Roloff is the most loved family member from LPBW. Fans often praise her for being an amazing mother and wife. However, it appears that the mom of three is struggling to parent her youngest child, Josiah.

She uploaded a video on her Instagram story revealing her rough morning on October 17. In it, Tori recorded the infant walking outside the home with his dad, Zach Roloff. However, the Little People Big World star looked quite stressed out when she informed her fans about Josiah’s tantrums.

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Tori was standing at the kitchen counter of her $1 Million Washington home. She informed her fans that her third child definitely tends to be their most “opinionated soul” in the house. The young mom decided to share the full story with her fans about her son, Josiah, as he had a rough morning.


The reality TV celebrity, Tori, went on to explain that Josiah is just a really frustrated kid and gets angry a lot faster. However, it was a completely new experience for her as her older kids, Jackson and Lilah, never threw tantrums.

Hence, Zach and his wife from LPBW are struggling to navigate through the whole process of handling Josiah’s behavior. They believe that he might be frustrated because he sees his siblings doing better things than him, and he can’t. Further, Tori explained that her son got angry because he wanted to go out, but he didn’t want to put on his shoes.

LPBW: Tori Gives A Shoutout to All The Parents Facing Their Rough Days!

LPBW star Tori Roloff has a big heart, and she never forgets to express her concern for others, even during her bad phases. Seemingly, the mom of three was quite disturbed with her child’s tantrums in the morning.

Tori decided to cheer up all the parents out there having their own rough days. She reminded all of them that they are not bad parents because of similar situations. The reality TV celeb explained that she just wanted to make her child learn that he can communicate without yelling and throwing himself on the ground.

The mom-of-three, Tori, revealed how she went outside and prayed while leaving her son to cry it out in his room. Further, she went inside and talked to Josiah calmly and happily took him for a walk.

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