LPBW: Tori Opens Up About Her PAINFUL Injury In New Video! Is She Okay?

Tori Roloff grabbed lots of attention for her sweet and amazing personality. She entered the TLC show Little People Big World with Zach Roloff and received immense love from the viewers. LPBW fans love to know every detail about the star’s life.

Similarly, Tori likes to share new details of her life with her huge fanbase. The celeb is popular for spreading positivity through her social media posts. She often shares the cute glimpses of her kids with the audience.

But it appears that Tori is dealing with something painful these days. Recently, she uploaded a video to reveal her real condition after an injury. What happened to her?

LPBW: Tori Had A Painful Injury!

Tori Roloff likes interacting with her followers on social media. She enjoys sharing her real-life updates with LPBW fans and listening to their opinions. But the young mom shocked her followers in an Instagram video.

Recently, Tori uploaded a story on her profile to discuss her injury. She recorded herself while pointing at her eye. The star informed her fans that she got a stye on the edge of her eyelid. She said she gets these styles literally almost every time she “uses mascara.”

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The reality TV celeb went ahead to explain that she doesn’t even put bottom lashes. Still, Tori ended up with these lumps below her eyes. Further, Zach’s wife revealed that she is allergic to Mascara and prefers putting on eyelashes. Then, she pointed at the “painful” injury on the bottom of her eyes.


Tori asked her fans if they, too, get these styes on their eyelids. She added, “What in the world?” Roloff went on to reveal that this is why she had started doing extensions and fake lashes instead of mascara.

The TLC star ended the video after stating, “Because I think I’m legitimately allergic to mascara.” Now, LPBW fans can understand why Tori usually prefers keeping a no-makeup look in most of the photos and videos.

LPBW: Tori Looks Unbelievably Slim In Her Latest Picture!

Tori Roloff is a mother of three wonderful children. The LPBW celeb welcomed her last-born child around two years ago. Ever since then, she has kept herself busy raising the three kids. Recently, Tori shared a new selfie on her Instagram profile.

However, fans were shocked to see the massive transformation in the reality TV star’s personality. She sported a button-down shirt with black leggings on a pair of boots. Tori was also holding another pair of boots from one of her children while holding the phone in one hand.


However, Tori ditched makeup to show off her new look and kept her hair loose. She wrote, “I’m wearing a large waffle shirt.” Further, the TLC celeb added that she loved it and her kids loved it too while promoting the brand.

However, her new weight-loss appearance has left the audience shocked. Now, fans will have to wait to see if the mom-of-three opens up about the secret to her new look

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