LPBW: Tori & Her Kids Show Off Crazy Dance Moves In New Video!

Tori Roloff loves enjoying with her three babies, Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah. She often shares new updates about her kids on her social media. Fans love to keep tracking the LPBW star’s new post. She entertains the audience with the updates they find adorable.

Seemingly, the Little People Big World celeb is busy with several things these days. Tori’s influencing career is growing rapidly, thanks to her social media fame. The new season of their family show is also just around the corner.

Fans are excited to watch Zach and Tori’s life in the upcoming show again. Along with all this, the mother-of-three is enjoying some fun moments with her kids. Recently, she uploaded a new video about her kids. What were they doing?

LPBW: Tori Roloff Shares Cute Dance Moves Of Her Kids In A Fun New Video!

LPBW star Tori Roloff doesn’t shy away from sharing the adorable moments of her life with fans. Every now and then, she has something interesting for her followers on social media. Now it appears that the Little People Big World star has been sending everyone into a frenzy with her kids’ dance moves.

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Recently, the mother-of-three shared a hilarious video of her children Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah. Tori was following a viral trend on Instagram with her kids. Tori recorded all her kids one by one while grooving to the music. In the end, she also joined the trend by bursting into some crazy moves.

The video started with Jackson and Lilah as they danced to the song together. Later, the light went off, and Lilah flaunted her moves alone. Tori also helped Josiah dance easily by holding his arms. All of them looked full of joy while doing the steps. Tori wrote, “Had to jump on this trend!”

Further, Tori added, “The kids knocked it out of the park!” LPBW Fans were impressed with their cute moves in the comment section. They praised Lilah for her killer steps. One fan wrote, “Lilah killed it.” They are well aware of her love for dancing because of her ballet classes.

However, none of them imagined that Lilah would nail it so well her adorable moves. Meanwhile, others noted, “Lilah understood the mission!!” Also, they suggested giving Tori the Best Fun Mom award.

LPBW: Tori Surprises Fans With Massive Weight Loss Results!

Tori Roloff doesn’t disappoint her fans in any area of her life. She is purely dedicated to raising her kids. But the mom-of-three never put herself in the backseat. Instead, she tries her best to give herself as much time as needed to find the right balance.

She occasionally takes a day out for herself and takes care of herself away from her motherly duties. Recently, some fans observed a big change in Tori’s personality. The LPBW star shared a new picture on her Instagram story. In it, she was promoting a brand while trying out a new dress.


However, fans noticed Tori’s massive weight loss results in the new picture. She sported a button-down grey shirt with black ripped trousers. The star was taking a mirror selfie while showing off her massive transformation. Did you like Tori’s new appearance?

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