LPBW: Real Reason Why Tori & Zach Suddenly Left The Country [Details]

Tori and Zach Roloff have been busy spending some lovely moments during the Canada trip. They garnered a lot of attention from Little People Big World fans. The LPBW stars love getting candid with their followers about their families. The audience is eager to see the couple back on the show. However, the pair has not made any announcements about their return. Recently, Zach and Tori decided to steal some time away from their parental duties for a romantic gateway. However, fans have been guessing why they made a sudden trip without the kids. Finally, the TLC star decided to reveal the truth about their Canada trip. What was the reason?

LPBW: Tori Informs Fans About Her Canada Vacation, Excited To Visit Again!

Some of the favorite celebrities for the LPBW fans are Zach and Tori for many reasons. Recently, the LPBW couple went to Canada to spend some quality time with each other. Tori was excited to be on a child-free trip where she didn’t have to visit zoos and parks. However, fans were curious to know if they were really on vacation or if there was another reason. Recently, the reality TV star added a photo dump to reveal the actual reason for their trip.


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Tori added a few pictures with Zach and their newly married friends. In it, the couple posed with the bride and groom. The mom-of-three advised all the couples to have a vacation with their spouse in the caption. So, it became clear that Zach and Tori were in Canada to attend their friends’ wedding. She was thrilled for the last couple of days in Canada with uninterrupted quality time.

The Little People Big World star was glad to see her two friends committed in front of god. Also, Tori couldn’t wait to visit the place again (maybe with her kids next time). Fans were highly supportive of the mom-of-three in the comment section this time. Many fans were happy that she was finally having some “me time” away from all the responsibilities

. Some fans also flocked to Reddit to express their love. Several LPBW fans believe that it was a much-needed break for Tori. 

LPBW: Fans School Tori For A Gruesome Mistake On Romantic Gateway!

TLC sensation Tori Roloff is popular for her sweet and caring personality. She loves spreading positivity on social media through her inspiring posts. But the recent post of the LPBW star drew a lot of criticism. Tori added a couple of pictures recently while exploring the ocean of Canada. She posed with a pink starfish in her hand. She was smiling widely while posing with the creature. However, fans slammed the celebrity with a horrifying detail. Several followers pointed out how Tori risked the aquatic animal by putting it in her hand.

Tori Roloff Instagram

One fan stood up to give her a lesson that no one should pick the mammal out of the water as they can die. Many others claimed that she should be aware of it as an adult and not risk wildlife like this. Well, Tori didn’t reply to the criticism. She remains away from negativity on social media. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on Tori and her sweet little family from LPBW.

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