LPBW: Matt Throws Shade At Zach & Tori Through A Cryptic Post!

The Roloff family is back with their annual Pumpkin festival. It is one of the most memorable seasons both for the Roloff family and LPBW fans. Matt Roloff has lately been toiling to make the Pumpkin season a great success.

Matt recently took his Instagram a couple of days back to throw shade at his son, Zach, and his wife, Tori. This upload came after they chose not to host private tours at the Roloff Farms pumpkin season. Read further to learn more about Matt Roloff’s cryptic post!

LPBW: Matt Roloff Shared A Cryptic Post Against Tori & Zach?

Matt Roloff has recently made it to the headline primarily for two reasons. One is his ongoing family feud, besides his fastening his seatbelt to make the latest pumpkin season a huge success. He took to his Instagram account on Sunday, 8 October, to share a post.

The LPBW star shared an adorable picture of ripe pumpkins from his massive $4 million Oregon farm. While captioning this post, Matt expressed his excitement upon having his daughter-in-law, Audrey, visit the family farm with her children.

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Matt started by thanking Audrey for spending the day with “Ember, Body, and the Rad man out playing on the Roloff patch last Friday with everyone from all over.” He also shared that people loved seeing them on the pumpkin patch.

The Roloff family patriarch then mentioned, “I know Jer was traveling, but it was awesome to have you share the day with us. Love, love!” Matt then tagged @audreyroloff @jacobroloff45 @isabelsofiarock @amyjroloff @jeremyroloff @rolofffarms on her post without mentioning Zach and Tori.

LPBW fans were surprised by this as Tori and Zach usually assisted their family in pumpkin season at their massive farm. But the farm feud changed everything. Recently, Tori shared a picture on her social media suggesting she took her kids to another farm for Pumpkin Season.

LPBW: No Private Tours This Pumpkin Season!

Earlier in the month of September, Matt Roloff hinted at the changes they had planned for this pumpkin season. He started by sharing that Zach will not host private tours with his mom, Amy Roloff, like earlier.

The Roloff Farms’ Instagram account also shared this news. It also revealed that the visitors would be able to see most of their farm through the wagon tours. They also disclosed that people would have a “high chance of meeting Matt or Amy during the day at our pumpkin festival.”

Roloff Farms Official Instagram: [@rolofffarms]

This news caused an LPBW fan to ask if Zach will be giving tours this year. The account was quick to respond with a “No,” followed by sharing that other family members would be giving tours. This piece of information came as a shock to several fans.

One of them penned, “Not the same without Zach doing tours!” While others declared that they would not visit the farm this year because Zach was not coming. Do you think Zach and Tori’s absence from the annual pumpkin season may adversely impact the number of visitors?

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