LPBW: Matt Roloff’s New Exhibits At Pumpkin Patch Impress Fans

Little People Big World made its debut on TLC in 2006. Back then, it was all about Matt and Amy Roloff’s four kids and their massive farm. But things changed as many, many years passed. Not only did the LPBW couple get divorced, but their kids also turned into adults and left their father’s property.

But, the one thing that remained common during all this was Matt and his pumpkin patch celebrations at the Roloff Farms. Well, he just wrapped up the same for 2023. This time around, fans were highly impressed by all the brand-new editions. So, what were they?

LPBW: Matt Makes Pumpkin Patch At Roloff Farms A Hit With These New Editions!

Matt Roloff has always come off as quite the visionary, no matter how estranged his relationship became. Hence, he was all set to introduce some brand new editions at the Roloff Farms for this year’s pumpkin patch. He had been teasing it on his social media, raising the curiosity among fans as they wanted to know more about it.

As per TheSun, this year’s pumpkin patch was like no other, all thanks to the new attractions. Matt had a bunny ranch on his farm this time around for the guests to gush over furry beings hopping all around. Apart from the food stalls, there was also a coffee shop at a distance. The LPBW star’s daughter-in-law Isabel Roloff, was a helping hand for the servers.

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There were new activities for little children too, like panning for gold, a carnival, and a tricycle track. All in all, Matt spared nothing and really impressed everyone as he promised on his social media. He said that the new pumpkin patch would be full of surprises.

While Jacob and Isabel Roloff helped Matt out, Audrey also took her kids Ember, Bode and Radley to the pumpkin patch. Fans sensed the LPBW family mike make amends. However, Tori and Zach were nowhere to be seen. They instead spent their holiday and celebated Halloween at a pumpkin patch near their Washington house.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Spills The Deets About Upcoming Season!

Apart from all the new exhibits, Matt Roloff decided to hold a session for the guests. He ended up reading from his book, Little Lucy Big Race. It came out in 2018, and the LPBW star took inspiration from their farm dog, Lucy, for the same. Once it was over, he was open to fans asking him questions.

That’s when someone wanted to know what they expected from the upcoming Little People Big World Season 25. Matt revealed how the family wrapped up filming for it in August. He confirmed that his sons Jeremy and Jacob have stepped away as castmates and shall remain to keep things that way.

But Zach and Tori will definitely be back for the new season. In fact, the show will feature the former’s surgery and recovery process. While there were rumors about the LPBW quitting the show amidst the feud, it isn’t true, as they are coming back, at least for the upcoming season.

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