LPBW: Matt Roloff’s Brother Sam Rejected Offer To Join The Show! Here’s Why

When fans thought of one of the most wholesome shows, LPBW would come to mind. But soon, things started to deteriorate, and the family dynamics became really chaotic. The infamous family feud broke out, and the Roloffs ended up being in a huge mess. Amid all this, Matt’s brother made some shocking revelations about Little People Big World.

Recently, Matt’s brother revealed that he was also offered to be on the show. But he clearly denied the opportunity and made it clear that he wasn’t interested at all. But why? What was the reason behind his denial?

LPBW: Here’s Why Matt’s Brother Refused To Star On The Show

LPBW featured the storyline of the Roloffs, who initially lived on their 100-acre farm. Soon, they rose to fame, and their relatives also made cameo appearances on the show. Apparently, Matt’s brother, Sam, is also one of them, and viewers are familiar with him due to his guest appearances on the show.

Recently, Sam decided to spill some crucial tea about his brother’s family show and made some shocking revelations. He confessed that during the initial days of the show, there were talks about him joining it. But he decided to take a step back and turned down the opportunity.

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Sam revealed to TheSun that his ex-wife simply didn’t want their kids to be a part of the show. He added, “That kind of put us off the list.” The celeb further explained that he felt that it was not “really healthy” for children on the show and in front of the cameras. Hence, Sam never really considered becoming a part of LPBW.

However, Sam clarified that there was never a “formal offer” from the show. It was just that they asked, “Hey, are you guys interested in doing this?.” But Sam and his family made it clear that the answer was “no”, as they didn’t want to be involved in the chaos.

LPBW: Sam Finds Roloff Farms Being On Sale Really ‘Sad’

LPBW star Matt Roloff wasn’t able to lock a deal with Jeremy and Zach. So, he decided to put a part of his family property back on the market. Initially, he asked for $ 4 million for 16 acres and ended up reducing the price to 3.0 Million. But still, the patriarch hasn’t been able to find the perfect deal.


Amid all this, Sam believed that it was kind of “sad” that Matt was selling the Roloff farms. He added, “It’s a good family farm, and hopefully they keep it.” The celeb further explained that his brother had spent a lot of time building and maintaining it. But now Sam feels that perhaps Matt is now “tired” of it all.

As per Sam, it would be really upsetting to get rid of “The cowboy town, the castle, all of those things.” Apparently, anyone who comes won’t value it as much as the Roloffs did. Moreover, there is a fair chance that the buyer would have some other plan and would prefer wiping all of it out from the land. So Sam felt that this wouldn’t be “fun” at all.

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