LPBW: Matt Roloff Accidently Spills Season 25’s Shocking PLOT Details

TLC’s famous show LPBW has been documenting the challenges and triumphs of the Roloff family for about two decades now. Their dynamics, issues, and relationships ended up becoming a huge and crucial part of their lives. Hence, people eagerly wait for literally any kind of tea that they can get regarding the upcoming seasons of Little People Big World.

Recently, Matt accidentally ended up spilling some shocking spoilers from season 25 of his family show. He even discussed the plot details and wrap date in front of his fans! What did the celeb disclose? What is Matt up to now?

LPBW: Matt Roloff Reveals Season 25’s Wrap Date! When Is It?

Fans have been curious to know what LPBW Season 25 would have to offer them. But it seems that Matt doesn’t want his audience to stay in suspense for a long time. Hence, he ended up spilling some shocking spoilers recently.

Matt Roloff recently hosted a massive Pumpkin festival on his 100-acre farm. Several LPBW fans visited the event and had conversations with him privately as well. Recently, one of them revealed that the celeb talked about Season 25 during the same.

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Matt had a reading session during the event. He read his own book, Little Lucy Big Race, followed by an interactive segment as well. Recently, TheSun revealed that amid all this, the LPBW celeb replied to a question regarding the future of the show. Matt stated, “We finished filming for Season 25 back in August.”

Papa Roloff explained that usually, he is the last one to know about the “release” date. He often finds out the same via article headlines even before the production informs him in person.

Matt further revealed that Jacob and Jeremy again wouldn’t be a part of the show while his son Zach would continue to star in it. He even explained how the latter’s life would be a part of the plot line.

LPBW: Matt Discloses Plot Details About Zach & His Family

Lately, there has been a buzz about Zach and Tori quitting LPBW. But has finally confirmed that the noted couple would be a part of the upcoming season. He also revealed that his son’s brain surgery and the aftermath of it would be a crucial storyline of the edition.

Recently, Zach had to undergo intense brain surgery, which was documented to LPBW. So, Season 25 would feature that phase and the “recovery” era of the star kid. Matt further disclosed that the upcoming edition would also show Zach dealing with some “health issues” that usually come with “dwarfism.”


So, it is clear that Zach and Tori will soon be returning for another season. But that’s not all. Matt spilled some more tea during his book-reading session. He made a shocking confession about the current family dynamics and the future changes.

As per Matt, as soon as his new house is ready, Jacob and Isabel will be moving into his older one. So, the couple who was initially living in an RV would now be the only ones living on the 100-acre farm. Hence, Jacob would now live the shattered dream of Zach and Jeremy.

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