LPBW: Matt Announces That ‘The Roloff Farm Big House’ Is Back For ‘Short Term Rentals’

LPBW star Matt Roloff has many plans in his mind when it comes to his 100-acre farm. He initially put a part of it on sale and then turned it into a rental. Since then, there have been several instances when the celeb has made changes to his plans. Amid all this, Matt recently made a huge announcement on social media.

He revealed that The Roloff Farm Big House was finally back for “short-term rentals.” Matt further made some shocking revelations and surprised his viewers with this new turn.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Puts The Roloff Farm Big House For ‘Short’ Term Rentals

Roloff farm and its fate have always been controversial matters on the LPBW show. It ended up becoming the reason for the family’s disintegration, which changed the dynamics of the franchise. Amid all this, Matt recently took to Instagram and shared a picture of his ‘big house’ and made a huge announcement.

Matt happily declared, “The Roloff Farm Big House is back open for short term rents.” He revealed that earlier, they had a “lovely local family” that had been remodeling their home. It was an extended stay since January. After all this, Matt has now decided to open the “Summer and Fall block” for his visitors.

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Matt admitted that this clearly isn’t for everyone. But he made it clear that it was open for “visits,” and his viewers can now book the house. The LPBW celeb revealed that it will be till “October.” Matt also added anticipation among his audience by talking about the “2024 pumpkin season.” He confirmed that the event was “being planned now.” He added, “Festival opens Friday October 4th.”

Matt then praised his house and revealed that it could accommodate 16 people. He explained how it was great for “large families” and encouraged his viewers to visit the Roloff farms.

LPBW: Matt Revealed If He Would Give This House To Zach or Not?

LPBW star Matt Roloff, accompanied by Jacob and his family, is currently living on the Roloff farms. All of the rest of the members have left their family property and started a new life. However, when fans see the picture of the “big house,” they ask Matt to give it to Zach. Several viewers took to the comment section and wondered why he wasn’t passing it to his son.


A user wrote, “I wish you would give your house to Zach.” The noted fan explained that this home was perfect for Zach and his three kids. Matt was quick to reply and revealed if he would give it to his son or not. He stated, “Zach is happy in Battle Ground.” He explained that if he passed on this house to Zach, it would be fair to other kids who weren’t on the show.

This came after Matt revealed that all of his property would go to Amy after he died. He explained that this would only be the way to sort things out, or else everything would become complicated. Apparently, this was Caryn’s idea, as she didn’t want to take anything away from the people who have spent years building it and making it look like what it is today.

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