LPBW: Josiah Roloff Finally Takes His First Steps! [WATCH VIDEO]

Reality TV star Tori Roloff’s youngest kid isn’t a baby anymore! He is growing up really fast, and LPBW fans are in shock because of his pace. Recently, Josiah celebrated his first birthday and is now achieving many milestones in his life. The Little People Big World matrairch often shares clips and pictures of her kids and keeps her viewers updated regarding their shenanigans. Recently, Tori took to her social media and shared a wholesome video in which she documented Josiah and his latest achievements. What is the star kid up to these days?

LPBW: Tori Flaunts Josiah’s Latest Achievement On Social Media!

LPBW viewers are huge fans of Zach and Tori’s kids. After the infamous family feud, the toddlers became the primary source of attraction. Hence, the audience started to watch the show solely for the sake of the star kids. Though, for now, Little People Big World isn’t airing, Tori never fails to share the milestones of her family on social media. Recently, she took to Instagram and revealed that her youngest kid has finally taken his first step. The matrairch further posted a wholesome clip in which Josiah was actually taking his first step. Fans were amazed at how quickly he was growing up. It felt like just yesterday when Tori gave birth to him!


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Tori revealed that her “last baby” also took his first step last night. She added that this memorable incident took place during a “soccer practice.” The LPBW matrairch jokingly wrote, “How fitting for the Roloff family,” while referring to Zach and Jackson’s obsession with soccer. Fans were left with tears of joy when Josiah finally took his first step in the clip while he grinned at the camera. The star kid wore a onesie while he fell down once but stood up again and flaunted his newfound talent for walking. Viewers were really proud of Josiah and wished him more success and luck.

LPBW: Josiah Has Been Practicing To Walk For A While With Tori!

Josiah has been trying to achieve the milestone of walking for a while now. His mother, Tori, has been helping him, too. She recently took to Instagram and posted a clip in which her youngest kid was making attempts to walk. The matrairch made her child use a balance box instead of a baby walker while Josiah was trying to take baby steps. The latter walked around the house with his balance box and seemed to be really happy regarding the same. Hence, it was evident that the LPBW star kid’s hard work was paying off, as now he can take a few steps without any support.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Josiah, indeed, seems to be a really fast learner. Recently, Tori posted a clip in which her youngest son was trying to balance on a ladder. He did so while he was writing something on a tablet. The former revealed her kid could do all this work. Fans then and there knew that soon they would be able to watch Josiah taking his first step. Apparently, he seemed to know what needed to be done but was perhaps a bit hesitant. However, viewers finally took a sigh of relief and had tears of joy after watching their favorite star kid walk on his own. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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