LPBW: Jeremy Trolled For Making Silly Statements About Mentrual Cycles!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were once popular as Little People Big World cast members. They were the first boyfriend-girlfriend in the show until they tied the knot. But life had other plans, and they soon quit LPBW after having their first baby together. The duo has not completely avoided the public eye. That’s because they are big-time social media influencers now

When someone has many followers who look up to them, they also have a social responsibility to share the right things. It seems that Jeremy and Audrey like to defy these basic rules from time to time. Fans already know they don’t believe in allopathy and resort to essential oils and natural remedies for healing instead of going to the doctor. This time around, Jeremy has stooped low yet again while sharing his beliefs about menstrual cycles! What did he say?

LPBW: Jeremy Says Menstrual Cycles Are Controlled By Nature! Fans Angry

Jeremy and Audrey never manage to dodge controversies. They are always facing the wrath of angry LPBW fans through various social media posts. For instance, they are part of the MLM Young Living Essential Oils and often promote it on their profiles. At the same time, they believe in the anti-vax ideology and resort to giving their kids homeopathy medicines to avoid going to the doctor.

It turns out they also hold on to some bizarre set of beliefs. In a new Instagram story, Jeremy shared about how the moon is also important as the soon. With that, he mentioned how not only it governs the tides of the planet but other human cycles as well. The former TV star then mentioned menstrual cycles being influenced by tides is also a popular belief.

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That’s all fans had to read to slam the LPBW star. Many took to Reddit to troll Jeremy for his beliefs. One said that he probably feels that when one’s relationship with god lacks, one falls sick. Another account wrote they want to be as “delusional and carefree” as Jeremy as life would not seem stressful that way. Despite so much mockery, he has not clapped back yet.

LPBW: Jeremy Has Been In Trouble Before For His ‘Tone Deaf’ Posts! Promoted Fasting

Jeremy often uses social media to share his many perspectives and beliefs about life. A while ago, the former LPBW star made another post that faced a similar kind of fury. He wanted to educate the fans about autophagy and cell rejuvenation. Roloff even went as far as saying that fasting was a dying art.

That’s when viewers began to express concern about Jeremy and the things he believed in. Some were also concerned about their kids. Others wanted him to stop spreading such misinformation and promoting fasting as it could be injurious. Then, some viewers stressed on how Jeremy should be practicing the things he has been advocating.

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Many have continued to slam Jeremy for misusing his social media space misdirecting the people, and exposing them to unfavorable and toxic things.

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