LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Are Expecting Baby #4, Shows Off Stunning Bump!

It’s a known fact that former LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy make really adorable kids together. They already have three children named Ember, Bode, and Riley. Indeed, Little People Big World fans love these cute munchkins and aren’t able to get over them to date. But now it seems that the couple has decided to make a new addition to their family.

Recently, Audrey and Jeremy finally took to their social media handles and announced they are having their 4th baby. Fans were left with tears of joy when the former flaunted her newfound baby bump as well. When will we be able to meet the new Roloff family member?

LPBW: Audrey Makes 4th Baby Announcement And Leaves Viewers In Tears

BIG NEWS! Baby Roloff is already on its way to join the LPBW family! Apparently, Audrey and Jeremy have always been open about their intentions of having more kids. They believed that their family wasn’t complete yet and wanted to make more babies. Audrey even once explained that she hasn’t ever put a definite number of how many children she wants to have in her life.

After all this, Audrey finally made her 4th baby announcement and surprised everyone with her way full baby bump. She recently shared a wholesome clip on Instagram and revealed the exciting news. In the video, the celeb was featured whispering the news in Jeremy’s ears, who couldn’t control his excitement.

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Jeremy was quick to yell “Yes” before he picked up Audrey in his arms. He then played the classic game of telephone as he told the news first to Ember, who passed it to Bode and the Radley. The latter also seemed to be really excited while he screamed, “Big brother!” at the top of his voice.

Audrey wrote in the caption, “Secrets out… Baby #4 is on the way!!!” She added, “We are so excited to be growing our family again and adding another little grommet to our crew!” LPBW fans loved this new baby announcement and took to the comment section to congratulate her.

LPBW: Audrey Is No More Hiding Her Baby Bump Now!

Audrey Roloff is no longer hiding her baby bump now. She has been concealing this news for a while now, but she is happy to flaunt her pregnancy. Recently, the LPBW celeb shared a picture in which she exclusively showed off her baby bump.

Audrey wore a dark blue floral dress while she cradled her baby bump. She wrote, “There’s no hiding this bump.” In another story, she revealed that she hasn’t ever been pregnant during this time of the year. Hence, the celeb admitted that it was really easy to disguise her audience because of her cozy winter wear.


Moreover, Audrey admitted in the comment sections that it was really difficult to hide her bump during her Hawaii vacation. However, some tricky angles helped her a lot. But as the celeb has already made the announcement of her pregnancy, she is now happy to show off her baby bump in every way possible.

Till now, Audrey hasn’t revealed when the world would be able to meet the new Roloff member. So, viewers are now curiously waiting for the gender reveal and delivery date announcement

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