LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Are Back At Roloff Farms! Family Feud Over Now?

Jeremy and Audrey ended up leaving LPBW way back. They wanted privacy and kept it above fame. Yet, they never fail to maintain their relationship with their audience. Amid all this, the star kid ended up having some serious issues with Matt over the latter’s 100-acre Pumpkin farm.

The young Little People Big World star wanted to take over his family property and continue with the legacy. But because of Matt’s stubbornness, the former never looked back and started his new life. But now it seems that the family feud is over as Jeremy and Audrey have finally returned to the Roloff farms.

LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Finally Return To The Roloff Farms

LPBW star Jeremy and Audrey left the Rolof farms after they had issues with Matt. They started their own life in Rock Creek, Oregon, and bought their dream house. Since then, the couple hardly visited their family property and never looked back. But now it seems that their relationship with Matt has started to improve.

Recently, Jeremy and Audrey took Ember, Bode, and Radley to the Roloff Farms to enjoy the Pumpkin Season. The matriarch shared a carousel of pictures in which they all were roaming around the patch. They all picked up their favorite pumpkins and grinned at the camera.

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The ex LPBW star Audrey also gave a wholesome shout-out to Matt. She thanked the latter for letting her “homeschool” pod come out to the patch. She posted snaps of the scenic beauty of the Roloff farms. One of them documented all the star kids playing with the fallen leaves. It was evident that all of them were really happy to return to their home.

Fans felt that things were really improving now. Apparently, Audrey’s shoutout to Matt and Jeremy’s decision to visit the Pumpkin patch was a clear sign of it. Moreover, their kids Ember, Bode, and Radley might have also gotten a chance to meet their grandfather and bond with him as well.

LPBW: Who All Returned To The Roloff Farms During The Pumpkin Season?

Pumpkin Season has always been the center of attraction on the LPBW show. It was the time of the year when all the Roloffs gathered together. However, after Amy parted ways with Matt and the infamous property feud took place, the dynamics changed completely. But now it is evident that things are getting better. Recently, Amy Roloff also took to Instagram and posted several pictures from her visit to the farm.


Amy Roloff was dressed as Minie Mouse and attended the Pumpkin Season. On the other hand, Jacob and Isabel were also a part of the event. Hence, it was evident that, except for Zach and Tori’s family, almost everyone decided to return to the Roloff farms to continue with the legacy.

Amid all this, it seems that Zach and Tori still share an estranged relationship with Matt. Recently, Caryn’s son Connor revealed that this couple hardly visits the Roloff farms. He further added that they are on the verge of leaving their family show as well. Hence, it is evident that some wounds are still fresh, and Zach is taking his own time to move on.

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