LPBW: Jacob & Isabel Clap Back At Haters, Accusing Them Of Being Opportunists!

Jacob and Isabel are definitely the only couple from the Roloff family that fans have rarely seen on Little People Big World. While the LPBW couple has been together for many years, the pair has been clear about maintaining a low profile. They often post on their social media on their own terms.

Lately, the LPBW child star and his wife have been running a bit busy. That’s because Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms is going to start at full throttle. Despite it being such a joyous moment, some trolls have been tirelessly trying to bring Jacob and Isabel down. Well, they finally responded to it all!

LPBW: Jacob Gets Attacked By Trolls! Hits Them With A Befitting Reply

Jacob Roloff has been the youngest castmate of Little People Big Word. He must have been nine years old when Matt and Amy decided to introduce the world to their family on TLC. But owing to some unfortunate circumstances like CSA, Jacob came clean about it, revealing why he quit the show as an adult.

Despite not appearing on LPBW anymore, Jacob is a prominent member of Roloff Farms. Matt Roloff is on the verge of retirement. Besides, he is not on good terms with his sons Jeremy and Zach after saying no to their offer to take over the farm. So, the patriarch’s younger son has been assisting him since.

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Jacob and Isabel have been living on the farm in an RV to help out. They have been busier than ever since the Pumpkin season is going to commence in October. Lately, a troll decided to take a dig at the pair for wanting “nothing to do with the farm” at first and then jumping at the opportunity to help Matt.

The troll arrogantly called Jacob fake and said he wasn’t “cute” anymore and what he was doing was “chickensh*t.” Well, the latter remained unbothered by the lengthy comment and replied to the person by merely writing, “lmfaooo log off.” LPBW fans praised him for not wasting his energy over too much hate.

LPBW: Isabel Comes To Support Her Husband! Calls Hater Out For Misinterpreting Things

Isabel Roloff has always been upfront about how much her family means the world to her. So, even if Jacob summed up his comeback in a few words, Isabel hadn’t had enough. So, she gave a befitting reply to the troll. She mentioned how the user has been co-relating the farm with the show.

The young mama to Mateo emphasized that Jacob had nothing to do with the show and not the farm. Then Isabel agreed that there indeed was a lot of “chickensh*t” because, after all, they reside on the farm and have “30 of them” living with the couple.

Little People Big World

LPBW fans instantly praised Isabel for her witty response. Another user stated how the troll had dwelled too much on the televised version of Jacob without realizing things are different when the cameras stop rolling. In any case, lots of fans defended Jacob with multiple replies under the hateful comment.

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