‘LPBW’ Jackson Roloff Tries To His Pull Tooth, Lilah Too? Video

Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff is six years old, and he and his sister seem to love the vanity that Tori placed in her home. Perhaps he used the mirrors to inspect his missing tooth on his sixth birthday this year. However, there’s some competition from his little sister, Lilah.

LPBW Lilah Catches Up To Jackson Roloff

Lilah managed to stand unaided in 2021 when her big brother was already scooting around on his scooter. A slow starter, she eventually got the knack of walking and then running. These days, she can scoot around just as fast as her older sibling. Sometimes, she might even try and kick the occasional soccer ball like her ball-game-crazy brother. But recently, the competition was all about something more suited to her than to Tori’s oldest son.

LPBW Starlets Lilah and Jackson Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram
LPBW Starlets Lilah and Jackson Roloff – Tori Roloff Instagram

Jackson Roloff enjoyed being called “little farmer” by his grandfather, Matt Roloff. Mind you he seldom sees his these days as Zach relocated his family to Washington. Actually, TLC fans feel sad because Matt and his grandchildren were extremely close before their parents clashed over a portion of the land in Oregon. He must miss seeing the two kids growing up and sweet scenes like the vanity.

Lilah Roloff Wants To Use The Vanity Just Like Jackson

This week, Tori popped up two videos on her Instagram Stories. Lilah and Jackson Roloff had recently spent time with Grandma Amy at Christmas, and maybe Jackson ate too many of her cookies because he showed his mom a loose tooth. After showing his mom, he went to inspect it in the mirrors of the vanity.

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Not wanting to be left out of things, the cutest Little People, Big World girl opened her mouth to show her mom her teeth as well. Then, she went over to the vanity and vied for space with her brother. Then, they both looked at their teeth with deep concentration. In her caption, the TLC star said:

Who knew this vanity would be so good for all the angles hahaha.

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Jackson Roloff is losing none of his cuteness as he grows older. If anything, it seems that he becomes more adorable every time TLC fans see him. Meanwhile, Lilah Roloff still has plenty of cuteness to deliver adoring fans. Recently, she made fans feel happy as she enthusiastically partook in her first Christmas Carol Concert.

What are your thoughts about how Lilah seemed to also want to lose a tooth like her big brother, Jackson Roloff? Did you like that Tori Roloff has the ideal vanity with mirrors for the kids to inspect every facet of themselves? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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