LPBW: Fans Slam Audrey For Forbiding Her Kids From Watching TV!

Audrey Roloff is really fond of sharing her life on social media. She initially left the LPBW show because her family wanted privacy, yet she is a social bee and even ends up oversharing as well.

Hence, the celeb has made it to the headlines numerous times and mostly for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, there have been several instances when viewers have even called Audrey out for her weird parenting decisions.

The same happened when Audrey revealed that she doesn’t let her kids have screen time. Just after this, she ended up doing something cryptic, and fans were quick to catch her lying. Did Audrey really lie to her audience? Was she making false claims? What is she up to now?

LPBW: Audrey Says Her Kids Never Watch TV! Is This True?

LPBW star Audrey Roloff is one of the most controversial stars in her family. Apparently, many times, she ends up getting into trouble because of her parenting choices and lifestyle. Amid all this, recently, the celeb made a claim, and viewers were quick to call her out because of the same.

As per Audrey, she doesn’t give her kids “screen time” and hardly “ever turns on TV.” She further stated that her family would have perhaps watched only “one movie” during the entire summer season.

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Audrey explained that her family has “occasional” movie nights. She added that they usually watch films while they are traveling or when they are sick. The celeb believes that she is a part of “no/minimal screens family.”

The ex celeb from LPBW further advised parents who were like her to “grace” themselves with the same during the times when they feel that it could help them to have a peaceful night! But it seems that viewers disagreed with Audrey like always.

Someone stated that she ended up posting “eleven” stories in the last “nine” hours, and now she was talking about “screen time.” A user even wrote that after ranting about TV and how her kids hardly watch it, Audrey was now watching Survivor!

Another one added, “Audrey is a liar.” Many fans even mocked her for calling herself a “Minimal screen family” as she ends up sharing “hundreds” of stories on social media in a week!

LPBW: Fans Feel Audrey Risks Her Kids’ Safety! Another Parenting Loophole?

LPBW fans slammed Audrey for trying to act like a “perfect parent.” Several viewers explained that, at times, screen time would be way better than risking their kids’ lives! A user wrote, “Screen time is safer than a toddler climbing all over farm equipment.”

The fan further added, “If you’re gonna try to be a perfect parent then safety comes first.” The majority of the audience agreed to this as they felt that the matriarch ends up risking her children’s lives often. Recently, a similar incident took place that shook her fans to the core.


Recently, Audrey shared a clip in which Ember, Bode, and Radley were playing in an “empty wooden barn.” It had a roof and only one and a half walls, which made it really dangerous for the “barefooted” kids! Moreover, the place had an uneven dirt floor with many wood pieces lying on the ground!

Fans were in shock and wondered why on earth someone would let their children play in such a dangerous place! Several viewers took to social media platforms and slammed Audrey and Jeremy for risking the lives of their young kids.!

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