LPBW: Fans Slam Audrey For Embarassing Mistake In New Post!

Little People Big World fans spend a lot of time following their favorite stars for their latest updates. They focus on every single update of their beloved LPBW celebs. Audrey and Jeremy have been living out their best life away from the Roloff Farms.

The LPBW stars keep themselves busy with various activities and new business ideas. They are the author of their New York Times best-selling marriage journal. The pair have shared their secret to a happy and healthy marriage with their social media audience through the same.

Moreover, reality TV stars endorse different brands to pull money due to their online popularity. However, they have also been the target of trolls for their controversial activities. Recently, some fans pointed out an embarrassing mistake in Audrey’s latest post.

LPBW: Fans School Audrey For A Major Mistake In Her Social Media Post!

LPBW fans haven’t been over Audrey and Jeremy’s irresponsible and careless attitude. They have been slamming the couple for their mistakes on social media. Fans often make headlines for many embarrassing incidents.

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Recently, Audrey informed fans about her new project and asked for their help. She posted a story on her Instagram with a blurred picture of her with Jeremy in the background. She wrote, “Working on a little project….but recruiting your help had been a question.”

Audrey went ahead to ask her followers if there was a question they had asked their partners that was super helpful for their marriage. The reality TV star wanted to know if the questions led to meaningful conversations and more connection.


Audrey also added a Q&A box underneath her questions to receive answers. However, LPBW fans had issues with the celebrity’s post and discussed it on a Reddit thread. Several fans asked her if she wanted to outsource content for her new marriage journal.

A user wrote, “ I thought they were the experts?” Meanwhile, the others went after her for her grammatical mistakes. A different fan noted, “She can’t conjugate verbs correctly or even form meaningful sentences.”

Several others pointed out her mistakes and took time to understand the real meaning of her sentence. Further, the others suggested that Audrey should proofread once before posting anything as a responsible author.

LPBW: Audrey Receives Hate For Risking Her Cat’s Life!

LPBW star Audrey Roloff has a habit of turning heads with her controversies. Recently, she posted an update about her recent trip to her very own Sunriver Cabin. She uploaded a picture of her little girl Ember with the two family cats.

She informed her fans that the family reached their rental cabin after a lot of hiccups. Audrey stated that her cat scared everyone after jumping out of the running car. Fortunately, they found her back again, healthy and alive after the big incident.


However, fans rushed to the comment section to point out their irresponsible behavior. Further, they felt that the cats should be kept in carriers to protect them from running away.

Several followers rushed to the comment section to backlash the celebrity for irresponsible traveling with pets and kids.

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