‘LPBW’ Did Tori Roloff Share She’s 2 Months Pregnant?

Have Tori and Zach Roloff of TLC’s Little People, Big World backpedaled on wanting a fourth child? Is Tori Roloff two months pregnant with another baby? That’s the initial takeaway TLC fans were left with after a quick glimpse at her most recent Instagram post. Doing a double take, fans were initially thrilled as they believe Tori and Zach Roloff produce beautiful babies. So, is there another Roloff on the way? Keep reading for the details.

LPBW: Fans Think Tori Roloff Shared 2-Month Pregnancy Post

Tori Roloff shared a photo of herself holding two golden balloons. One balloon was the number “2” and one balloon was the letter “M.” Instantly, fans thought Tori was announcing that she was two months pregnant. Fans also suspected there might’ve been a small baby bump hiding behind those two golden balloons.

Rushing to the comments, fans were quick to chat about the potential pregnancy. One fan penned in a comment liked 40 times by others who felt the same: “Before reading the caption, I thought. You were posting 2 months pregnant. Congrats.”

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A second fan chimed in with a crying while laughing emoji: “I think we all thought the same.”

Many others commented on various versions of “me too” as they also suspected this was a pregnancy announcement.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Tori Roloff was NOT two months pregnant. So, what was the point of this Instagram post?

What Was Her Post About?

Turns out, the “2” and the “M” actually stood for two million. Tori Roloff was celebrating the fact that she broke two million followers on Instagram. The TLC star admitted she was in awe that two million people made the decision to push the follow button on her profile. She could hardly believe there were two million pairs of eyes watching everything she posted.


She penned as she discussed how humbled she was: “It’s so wild to me that 2 million people choose to hang out with me, and it’s honestly the most humbling thing ever.”

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that people care to follow me and my family, and I’m so grateful for the support I receive from you all!!

She continued: “I do my best to keep my instagram positive and uplifting. I love connecting with fellow mamas and swinging Gods light! I try not to take the criticism too seriously and remind myself that there are far more supporters than haters here…”

Tori Roloff concluded her post by thanking her two million followers from the bottom of her heart. And, she hoped the train would continue to roll.

Tori Roloff - Instagram comments

Not everyone who popped into the comments thought the post was a pregnancy announcement. And, they were quick to congratulate her on her new milestone. Moreover, fans noted she deserved the attention because she was a fantastic mother and wife.

Did the post look like a pregnancy announcement at first glance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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