LPBW: [CONFIRMED] Tori & Zach Are Returning For Season 25!

The Little People Big World series has been showcasing the challenges of the Roloff Family for decades. LPBW fans are well aware of the family dynamics and issues of the family members. They have also witnessed the full-fledged drama between Matt Roloff and his sons about the property.

Jeremy moved out from the family farm a long time ago. Meanwhile, Zach moved out when he couldn’t negotiate well with his father about buying a portion of the land. Ultimately, things got bitter between the two, and they drifted apart.

Ever since then, Tori and Zach have been avoiding Matt and the family farm. They didn’t even visit the pumpkin patch this year. Hence, rumors started swirling that Tori and Zach won’t return to the new season. However, Matt had a surprise for the fans.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Uncovers Big TRUTH About Season 25!

LPBW stars Zach and Tori are living a happy life with their three kids away from the Roloff Farms. Previously, Caryn’s son Conner revealed that the couple was planning to exit from the series officially. He claimed that the pair would probably not return in the future seasons.

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Since then, fans have been wondering whether Tori and Zach have already left the show. However, it appears that Matt Roloff had good news for all the Little People Big World series. Recently, he invited fans to his pumpkin patch to read his book, Little Lucy Big Race.

Soon, LPBW fans started showering the patriarch with questions about Season 25. Surprisingly, Matt revealed that the family has already finished filming for the new season. He went on to claim that they completed the filming in August and have no clue about the release date.


The TLC celeb went on to shed light on the cast of the new season. Matt confirmed that Jeremy and Audrey won’t return to the show. The patriarch further stated that Zach and Tori will be in the upcoming season as always. Moreover, Zach’s brain surgery will be the major storyline of the show.

Also, LPBW will continue to highlight the challenges that come with dwarfism in Season 25. Fans of the series might remember that Matt’s son underwent this serious surgery in February of this year.

LPBW: Will Tori & Zach Exit From The Show After Season 25?

Tori and Zach Roloff are quite happy with their new lives away from the Roloff family. They have even found other ways to find joy. Seemingly, the former has gained massive popularity on her social media profile. She has been collaborating with major brands as well.

The reality TV celeb is doing quite well in her influencing career. Meanwhile, Zach has been building a new store in their Washington home. Fans of the LPBW series are still not aware of the actual purpose of the store. So, fans have predicted that the couple have begun to survive without the TLC cheques.

Now fans can speculate that Matt’s son and daughter-in-law might be wrapping up their storyline to exit before the next season. They are also hoping for a brand-new spinoff for the pair.

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