LPBW: Chris & Amy Met 7 Years Ago, Celebrate Togetherness On Second Wedding Anniversary

Amy and Chris have been a one-of-a-kind pair on Little People Big World. While LPBW depicted her marriage with Matt in most of the show, the former has had more chemistry with her new husband than she ever did with the father of her kids. Fans were rooting for Amy to find someone better for so many years. She finally met Chris, and they hit it off. Well, the couple has reached a new milestone in their relationship and made sure to share it with the audience. So, what have they been celebrating lately?

LPBW: Amy Gushes Over Chris On Their 2 Year Marriage Anniversary!

Popular LPBW stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are some of the most favorite couples from the show. The former beautifully proved from her LPBW journey that one can find love at any age, and it’s never too late. Apart from the show depicting their wholesome chemistry, they have also appeared in a special episode solely focussed on Chris and Amy’s wedding. Well, the matriarch took to her social media to reveal that it has been 2 whole years since she said “I do” to her husband dearest, Chris Marek.


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Amy took to her social media to reveal some unseen pictures of the LPBW couple from their various vacations and adventures. She went on to wish Chris a “happy second anniversary” while referring to him as her “love.” She described their togetherness and life as “wonderful, crazy, chaotic, adventurous but also simple.” At the same time, Amy mentioned that even if she has been married to Chris for just two years, it has been seven years since they first met each other.

Hence, fans couldn’t stop gushing over the LPBW couple. Many of them also expressed excitement to see them together in the next season. Amy had already hinted at shooting for the same. She did so by sharing behind-the-scenes pictures that had the camera crew capturing her and her house.

LPBW: How Did Amy & Chris Marek Meet?

Fans must know that Amy and Matt’s relationship turned quite turbulent after a few seasons after their debut. They could sense distancing and a lack of understanding between the two. At last, they took the step to get a divorce. That’s not all. The LPBW matriarch also sold back her share of the Roloff Farms. She wanted to do so so that she could move out and buy another place in Oregon. After her divorce and when she began dating again, Amy went on a painting night date. It was with someone by the name of Bob.

Little People Big World, LPBW

That’s when she stumbled across the love of her life, Chris Marek. At first, they hit it off as friends. Well, luck and faith were in their favor, too, as they met up once again at a pool party because of their mutual friends. Soon they began spending time with each other as Chris even offered to drop Amy to her house once in his bike. Cut to seven years later, the couple happily goes on interstate road trips on their bike. Keep track of all the latest LPBW updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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