LPBW: Caryn’s Son Connor Reveals His Side Of Story About Intense Custody Battle

The Roloff family from Little People Big World has been quite turbulent ever since the farm feud created a lot of distancing between them. Well, it turns out they aren’t the only controversial ones. Caryn Chandler, who is LPBW star Matt’s fiancee has also dealt with some major family trouble. It is because of her son Connor. They had a sour relationship at the beginning. Later, he was in trouble with the law owing to his drug addiction and also fought a custody battle. Well, Caryn’s son has recently opened up about how tough things were being away from his only and firstborn son.

LPBW: Connor Couldn’t Meet His Son Amidst Custody Battle! Saw Him For A Few Minutes In 6 Months

As mentioned above, Caryn has had a rocky relationship with her son Connor. He was a drug addict as a teenager and also had trouble with the law by ill-treating his mother in the past. But all is well now between the mother-son duo. The LPBW star’s son was also in a custody battle. He and his girlfriend became parents to their son, Liam, almost two years ago. But Connor and his baby mama’s relationship started to fall apart owing to different parenting choices. Hence, they had to break up. That’s when they had to deal with a custody battle.


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As per TheSun, Connor was going through some dark times. He acted out as his ex had accused him of showing up at her house unannounced and knocking on the doors and the windows. Caryn’s son from LPBW didn’t have permission to see his son for six months. The only time he did get to be with Liam was barely for a few minutes. However, things have been looking up for Connor now. He and Ashley are on good terms again, trying to make parenting work. Caryn’s son has also been clean since the previous incidents and aims to focus on bettering his physical and mental health.

LPBW: More About Connor & Ashley’s Custody Battle!

By last year ex partners, Connor and Ashley’s issues were endless. Hence, the latter applied for solo custody of their son, Liam. At the same time, she also asked for supervised parenting time in November 2022. Connor’s former girlfriend also didn’t want to provide contact information owing to his past acts. As mentioned above, he had threatened the mother-son duo by constantly knocking at doors and banging windows. Then, in December 2022, Connor wanted joint custody of their son, Liam.

Little People Big World LPBW

At the same time, Connor also denied that the court had finalized a child support plan before there was an announcement of a joint custody plan. Then, Caryn Chandler from LPBW’s son agreed to seek treatment in order to have a healthy relationship with his kid, Liam. Later, the judgment from the Oregon Division of Child Support was filed on June 6, 2023. The court ordered him to pay $799 monthly in child support. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW updates.

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