LPBW: Caryn Reveals Matt’s Shocking ‘Esophagus Issues’ After Hospitalization!

LPBW star Matt Roloff has talked about his hospitalization on social media ahead of Season 25’s premiere. He shared a picture of him lying on a hospital bed. The celeb appeared in a pathetic condition and raised concern among his viewers. However, the latter is now getting a chance to have a closer look at Matt’s medical emergency.

Fans were in shock when they recently saw Caryn making some surprising revelations about Matt’s ‘Esophagus Issues.’ This came after his traumatic hospitalization. What did she reveal? Is Matt fine?

LPBW: Caryn Comes Clear About Matt’s ‘Esophagus Issues’ To Him

LPBW star Matt Roloff has been facing issues regarding his esophagus for years. He initially used to manage all the “phlegm” that used to come out and “bubble up like a volcano.” But this time, the celeb wasn’t able to escape and ended up landing on a hospital bed. Caryn was also in shock and feared for her fiance’s life. She then had a talk with the doctors and learned some shocking details about Matt’s medical condition.


Caryn then tried to explain to Matt what exactly was happening with him. She revealed that the latter has an esophagus of an “average” size. The celeb’s fiance was in shock, and they wondered how that was possible. Caryn discussed the sequence of the diaphragm, esophagus, and stomach. However, in Matt’s case, he has an esophagus longer than his body can handle.

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That is why his body ended up pushing his esophagus to another side. Caryn explained how everything was “stuffed” into his body, while Matt also joked about his condition. In an exclusive clip by Popculture, the latter said, ” I went in all good and came out all bad.” However, tried to calm him down and pointed out that at least now they know the reason behind Matt’s ‘scary’ medical condition.

LPBW: Matt Says His Medical Condition Was Really ‘Traumatic’

LPBW star Matt Roloff initially revealed on Instagram that he had a “rough” week. Things didn’t go as per his plan when he went for his routine endoscopy. He even admitted to the cameras, “My esophagus has been acting up here and there.” Matt explained how his esophagus ends up getting “mad” quickly, and it appears to be “sort of closed off at times.”

He admitted that when all the “phlegm” comes out like a “volcano,” it becomes really “traumatic.” Matt was also in shock and wondered what was wrong with him. Even Caryn also appeared to be scared when she confessed, “That was kind of traumatic.” She recalled the entire incident and narrated how the doctor called her and said that there was a complication and expressed their concern that they may have “perforated his esophagus.”

Caryn admitted that she was getting a “weird vibe.” She explained how the entire situation was more of an “emotional” experience for her. Though Matt doesn’t remember a lot because he was on medication, he was well aware of the chaos and panic that everyone in the room was undergoing. However, now he appears to be in a much better state and is doing well

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