LPBW: Audrey Supports Tori, Shows Up For Big Event!

LPBW fans have often spotted Audrey and Tori throwing shade at each other on social media. They initially started off on a great note, but the family feud ruined their bond. But now it seems that things have started to get better. Recently, some Little People Big World viewers were shocked when they saw these two supporting each other.

Recently, Tori shared some glimpses of a big event, which featured Audrey showing her support for it! What was the event all about? Did Audrey also attend it? Is the catfight over now?

LPBW: Audrey Attends A Big Event In Tori’s House! Shows Her Support

It seems that LPBW stars Audrey and Tori are again back to being friends. Recently, Little People Big World viewers were in disbelief when they saw the former finally showing her support for a big event that took place at the latter’s residence. Apparently, it was none other than Lilah’s birthday!

Lilah has been counting her days as she was eagerly waiting for her special moment. Recently, Tori took to her social media and shared some glimpses of her little girl’s big day. In the snaps, Lilah wore a beautiful frock with a matching bow while she excitedly posed for every picture and video.

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LPBW fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Ember and Bode also in the pictures. They posed with their cousin and were even a part of the cake-cutting ceremony. Not only this, but Tori shared a clip where Lilah was about to blow out the candles. It ended up featuring Audrey as well.

Hence, it seems that Audrey, along with her kids, decided to attend Lilah’s birthday and enjoyed the event. This came after she had been a part of gossip with Tori, highlighting their feud. So, viewers were really happy to know that they perhaps have started to get along now. Yet, they aren’t sure if Jeremy also attended the celebrations or not because there was no sign of his presence at the party on social media.

LPBW: Were Audrey & Tori Really Feuding In The Past? But Why?

Audrey and Tori were best friends during their LPBW days. They used to go on double dates and evidently shared a great bond. However, soon, viewers noticed some signs that hinted at their estranged relationship.

One such incident was when Tori openly shadowed Audrey for running on Sundays. The latter posted her routine on a holiday, which involved going for a run. However, it seems that Tori didn’t like the idea. She was quick to share a random reel with the title, “When someone tells me they run 5K on a holiday.”


Tori wrote an indirect message, “Do you mean it? Are you okay?” with laughing emojis. Fans were quick to notice this clear shade. On the other hand, their feud was also evident during Taylor Swift’s concert as well. They both had different opinions when it came to the event, and they shared it on social media as well.

But as Audrey attended Lilah’s birthday despite all the issues, it seems that the air between them is changing now.

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